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Sun Temple Essay, Paragraph , Article , Note

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The Sun temple is one of the historic monuments that are presented in India. The Sun temple at Konark marks the highest point of achievement of Kalinga architecture depicting the joy, grace and the rhythm of life all its wondrous variety.

sun temple

It was built in the thirteenth century. There is a gigantic chariot of Sun god, with twelve pairs of exquisitely ornamented wheels pulled by seven horses. The twelve pairs of wheels represent the twelve months presented in a year and the seven horses represent the seven days in a week. And each wheel has twenty four spokes indicating the twenty four hours in a day. This temple is one of the most sublime monuments of India, famous as much for its imposing dimensions and faultless proportions as for the harmonious integration of architectural grandeur. The Sun temple is admitted the best in the Orissa. The fine lines, carvings, the beautiful and natural cut of animals and human figures, all give it superiority over the other temples. The chief quality is its design and architectural details. The Sun temple is aligned on the east-west direction. The temple is located in natural surroundings, abounding with Casuarinas plantations and other types of trees, which grow on sandy soil. The environment is largely left unspoiled. Standing majestically on the sandy coast of Bay of Bengal, the porch, in its solitary grandeur is an eloquent testimony of a gracious and mysterious past.

The Sun temple at Modhera in Gujarat is dedicated to the Sun god. It is situated on the bank of the river Pushpavati. It was built by king Bhimdev of the Solanki Dynasty. The Sanctum Sanctorum is called the main Temple. The lotuses open with the sunshine and close itself with the sunset. It is considered to be the Sun’s flower. In the present times prayers are not allowed in this temple. This temple is now under the supervision of Archaeological survey of India.

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