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Toppers reveal SECRETS to crack MAT

Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is an aptitude test conducted in India since 1998 by the All India Management Association(AIMA). MAT is used for admission to Master of Business Administration (MBA) and allied programs by over 600 business schools across India. It was approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in 2003

MAT Application Form is available four times in a year in February, May, September, and December. The cost of admission form is INR 1400.

MAT exam includes 200 questions, 40 in each subject: language comprehension, mathematical skills, data analysis and sufficiency, intelligence and critical reasoning, and an Indian and global environment. Time allotted is 150 minutes

Toppers Talk about their Real Experiences

Ketan Anand

MAT Exam score: 99.90 percentile

Ketan Anand is a resident of Ambala. After passing Ketan was working with his dad in the privately-owned company. This motivated him to pursue MBA and inspired him to appear in the MAT and CAT exams.

Tips Shared by Ketan:

Clear Basics

The principal thing which I did was to clear the very basic and core concepts first. Once you have attained strong foundation and hold of concepts. It is very easy to attain accuracy and speed.

Sample Tests

I have attempted many sample tests to analyze my performance in every mock test I solved. This helped me in achieving great speed. Also, I was able to observe my weak as well as strong points. Each day my focus was to convert my weak areas to strong areas.

Concentrated on Grammar more

For the English area in MAT exam, I concentrated for the most part on language grammar portion. I used to read business magazines, daily papers and solve reading comprehensions.

Self-Study will help you the most

Self-study is the best for MAT exam preparation. Though joining coaching classes likewise helps and adds more motivation to achieve the better result. I attended Bullseye and I referred to the course material and online test series given by them. I never needed to consult other books as the course material given by them covered all topics efficiently. More than the reading material I focused on the mock tests.

While filling MAT Application Form Choose ‘Paper Based Test’

Since there is a choice in MAT exam to pick between paper based MAT test or Computer based MAT, my recommendation to the applicants is to choose paper based test.

In PBT MAT exam you can see all questions at once. Denoting the right answers on an OMR sheet is easier than marking them with a mouse.

Categorize Questions

To manage all sections, categorize questions – While writing MAT exam I first concentrated on questions which belonged to my strong areas in all sections. After solving them I devoted my time to relatively tough or tricky questions.

GK not necessary

It is not necessary to attempt GK questions in MAT. The section is not taken into account to calculate your percentile and merit score.

Ashish Patial

Exam Score : 99.99 percentile

Ashish Patial resides in Chandigarh. He passed diploma from Indo-Swiss center, CSIO, Chandigarh and afterward finished AMIE course, equivalent to a BE degree from the Institution of Engineers. While studying for CAT and MAT exams, he also worked in Global SGS, Chandigarh. In spite of being a working professional, he tried to score high in exams.Ashish adds that he was never a book worm and loved playing football.

MAT Exam Preparation Tips

Time-Management was critical for me

I was working in Global GSS, Chandigarh when I chose to attempt CAT and MAT. I made it a point to study no matter how tired I was. In my first endeavor at CAT I could score 97 and in the second endeavor, I hit 98.5 percentile. Since the Centralized Admission Process (CAP) in Maharashtra permits admission on the basis of all the All India exam scores, I showed up in MAT exam and qualified with 800 out of 800.

Prepared hard to improve English

I was bad in English, so whatever, I had before me, I read it consistently which at last helped me increase my speed in English and enhanced my vocabulary. This brought about a high score in English in MAT and CAT exam.

Maths was always my strength

Mathematics is my strongest area. I additionally improved it. I believe your strength can be your biggest advantage. I was great on the subject yet for the exam, I had to aim to become excellent at it. I additionally expected to be great in English and accordingly centered more around this subject. Again, and again I used to rate myself to plan further. Like, I was 2-3 on a scale of 10 in English and 6-7 on the scale of 10 in maths.

My CAT planning helped much

My preparation for CAT helped me a lot to crack MAT with a top score. My 1st attempt at CAT yielded 97 percentile yet the second endeavor presented to me a score of 98.5 percentile.

Coaching is not very essential

Coaching is very helpful in preparation but only if you need guidance. If you are a self-motivated person, can do self-study and preparation, you may not need any coaching. A sincere, dedicated time and rigorous preparation will help you crack the exam.

Practice a lot of Mock Tests

Regardless of whether MAT or CAT, the need is to practice a lot of questions with great speed and precision and must know how to pick and organize the MAT exam sections arranged by the exam pattern. Two different things test takers should note are that you should know your qualities and shortcomings and leave your sense of self outside the examination range. One can also check and solve various practice papers provided for the exam at to aid their preparation.

To conclude the most important point discussed is that candidates should choose Paper Based rather than Computer Based Test while filling MAT application form.

Toppers have advised this because Paper Based Test will help the students to understand the question paper and answer with relative ease.

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