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With expectations of delivering instantly, today’s lifestyle doesn’t let one stop for a moment. Everything has to happen on the go. The process of unlearning and relearning has to happen continuously. To manage all of this, we need the entire world in our hand.

Most of us have a dictionary app installed on our smart phones. Research suggests that majority of the dictionary users in India are beginners in English. This requires an app which understands and helps the beginners. U-Dictionary, an app available for free on the Playstore can be of help for beginners and advanced learners, alike.

Ten Indian languages, preloaded in the app make it easier to get quick translations for local words in English. The”Word-of-the-Day” feature lets users add new words to their vocabulary every day. The Collins Advanced Learner’s dictionary included in the app, provides authentic meanings along with grammar. As U Dictionary works great offline, it can be used anywhere and everywhere.

U-Dictionary provides pronunciation for all the English words in British and American accent, offering the ideal learning experience for users. The “My Word” feature allows users to save the words searched, for future reference. Overall, this app is perfect for those who are motivated to learn English.

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