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Why Tattoos and Piercings are Unacceptable at Job?

Why Tattoos and Piercings are Unacceptable at Job?

Craze About Tattoos and Piercings

In today’s fast and ever growing world, we look for changes. Our generation is all about expression. We express and we claim that we always do the right. Somewhere down the lane, we make mistakes too.

Tattoos and Piercings are Unacceptable at Job

Tattoos and piercings for today’s generation is no big deal. We want one, we will definitely have one; is their motto. Being rebels seem to be their idea of freedom. But this is a downcast when they search for jobs. Such an image creates a bad impression generally speaking amongst the managers and other higher officials. Your image is your first impression. With tattoos of dragons or images of your love life or heavy ear studs or large nose piercings will definitely get you in their bad books on the first day.

Professionalism and Tattoos and Piercings

When you get a job it is because of your hard work and skills. Your attitude tells how long you will stick to that job. If you are not willing to be the kind they want, they will definitely eliminate you. It is all about professionalism. They want their employees to be the best. And tattoos and piercings do not help in that. They also give away a bad impression to the customers of your company. This will not be tolerated by those in charge. With a cross mark in their books already, your job will become more difficult than usual.

Freedom of expression is highly appreciated. But the brutal truth is those with tattoos and piercings that are visible to the naked eye have a hard time getting employed. Parents give advice to avoid such materials for the sake of their job. However, our generation find it a tough time to accept to not be something they don’t want to be.


Employment is at stake with these materialistic things. This generation wants their expression. A coin has two sides. Similarly, if those who employ this generation are not judgemental about those with tattoos and piercings; they will get a job too. not all those who have a tattoo or a nose stud is not the worthy kind. Maybe they are even better than your other employees. But judging a book by its cover is always our first choice, we fail to see the talent beneath it.

Conclusion on Tattoos and Piercings are Unacceptable at Job

To conclude, tattoos and piercings are definitely unacceptable to be seen from an employment side. The jobs that we have to take up require us to be present in a modest manner and avoid distractions. Hence, even though it questions our generations so called identity expressed in tattoos and piercings; we are asked to avoid such things.

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