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My Favorite TV Channel Essay, Article, Paragraph, IELTS Que Card

My Favorite TV Channel Essay, Article, Paragraph, IELTS Que Card

My Favorite TV Channel : The television is a part and parcel of a lot of households. As a result, watching television is a tradition of today’s modern society. It is a favorite entertainment source for many people, cutting across the ethnicity, creed, gender and age. I have to admit that I too take pleasure in “sticking” to the TV as mother repeatedly laments. Since I watch TV entire day long, I don’t blame mum. However, whenever I watch my favorite TV channel she doesn’t grumble. In fact, she often sits with me to watch it, the ‘National Geographic Channel’.

Favorite tv channel

Favorite tv channel

What The Channel Broadcasting ?

The National Geographic is a well-acknowledged documentary channel, focusing essentially on the ever-altering world, on Mother Earth and on environment and people and creatures that color it with. Just the push of a switch and a button and the entire new world is brought before me, for me to recognize its beauty and wonders. Personally, I am often intimidated and flabbergasted with them.

Why Do You Like The Channel as Your Favorite TV Channel ?

I like this channel because it is very instructive and educational. It is a ‘window to the world’. By watching it, I can ‘tour’, ‘survey’ and ‘discover’ all parts of the world. I have trekked up the uppermost peak and subjugated Mt. Everest. I have jumped down the bottomless trenches. I have walked throughout the backwoods and been in the middle of the wild monsters, big and small. Thus, this channel has helped to spread out my horizon and develop my knowledge and experience. I can proudly declare I am no more a ‘frog in the well’.

I also enjoy watching the National Geographic because it is pleasurable, fascinating and stimulating. I never anticipated that such an enlightening channel can be enjoyable as well. I get an option to enjoy the kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and colors of the world and its diverse people, all in the ease of my own home.

In accumulation to that, this channel is of very elevated quality and it is created by a group of experts, all are authoritarians in their own field of interest. The photographic recording is exceptionally awe-inspiring and stimulating. Moreover, the narration is very precise, informative, dramatic and expressive. Hence, I have never felt impatient, sidetracked or jaded watching this channel.

How Your Favourite TV Channel Helps You ?

The National Geographic is my desired tv channel as it has helped me to ‘develop’ and ‘grow’. I have watched it since I was a seven-year-old and an innocent child. Now, I am more responsive and conscious of the world and Mother Earth now. I learned to admire the Mother Earth and its exquisiteness and wonders. I am more disturbed about the safeguarding and preservation of the world not only now but also for posterity. In short, the National Geographic has rehabilitated me into a more responsible citizen of the world and a caretaker of Mother Earth.


It is a stirring and my favorite TV channel and I will not pause to recommend it to others so that they too have a prospect to respect startling moments and be grateful and care for the one and only world we live in.

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