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World offers a wonder to all that matters it. Technology being primer in the docket has got the ability to marvel. It revolutionized society and its benefits could not be ignored. Decades not only civilized but added technical innovation to history and made the life still easier.

When finger reader helps blind to color their world and brain implants recover faded memories there are drones that alarms environment and deep webs that never sleeps but remains dark. Intrusions to privacy, challenging culture can question technology; nevertheless it has become another warp and woof of our life.

Being astute sounds better and safe in brisk world like ours. It can gallantly open new doors and learning possibilities. It can also be used to inform but also to distort.

Science keeps fascinating us. But some recent technologies awe us more. Let’s glance them here.


When Google searches everything visible, Tor dive us into an invisible arena and that characterizes ‘the deep web’. The TIME magazine in its edition about the Secret web where drugs, porn, and murder live online quoted, “If the Deep Web is a masked ball, Tor provides the costumes. It was a highly elegant and effective creation, so much so that even the people who built it didn’t know how to break it.”


A memory chip wired directly into your brains hippo-campus that give you perfect recall of everything you read? Are you reading science fiction? Surely not! American neuro-scientists could be making this fantasy a reality.

Defense advanced Research projects Agency (DARPA) aims at a wireless, fully implantable neural interface medical devices that can serve as Neuro-prosthetic. “We think we can develop Neuro prosthetic that can directly interface with the hippo-campus and can restore the first type of memories we are looking at, the declarative memories.” Said Justin Sanchez, DARPA Program manager. Declarative memory includes recollections of events, facts, figures and people.



The Antikythera Mechanism is the oldest analog computer. Reconstructions estimate that it was a delicately geared box whose face showed the movements of planets and stars and could predict their relationships for decades. It could even have demonstrated eclipses. The more we know about this unprecedented ancient tool, the more we’ll understand about early uses of technology and math that have been lost.

It’s essentially a personal, wearable submarine that eliminates virtually all of the dangers that diving usually entails. The suit can also be controlled remotely in situations where a diver could be at risk. A new submersible body suit will take ocean divers to a depth of 1,000 feet and let them spend hours there observing and collecting marine species that are hard to get at with conventional diving gear or submersibles. More than providing protection, the Exosuits features 1.6-horsepower foot-controlled thrusters and 18 rotary joints in the arms and legs to provide a freedom of movement impossible to achieve in even the most nimble submersible.


3D internet is one of the most important technologies world is looking forward to. Generally, we do our things manually in our daily lives which is said to be 3D in effect. But when it comes to internet we are using it as 2D rather than 3D, hence this concept i.e.  3D internet helps in achieving that.

3D internet shares the time tested main principles and underlying architecture of the current internet. We adopt here the terms universe, world, and web place as 3D counter parts of WWW, website and sub domain, respectively.


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