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10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dream

10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dream

Dream until your dreams come true.

You Should Follow Your Dream : A common phrase that we have all come across from a very young age (At least some of us have). We are always pounded with questions from our childhood itself, “What do you want to become when you grow up?” We all had a galaxy of answers. Some wanted to be doctors, engineers and “like my father”. Others wanted to be a mother, singer or a poet. However, one small nephew of mine wants to be a garbage man. I don’t know what has got into him. (But never look down at one’s dream. Never). Anyways, years later have you asked yourself the same question of what you actually want to be when you grow up?

First of all, there is no growing up. We all are growing. Even our school headmistresses haven’t grown up. I do not mean the phrase literally. But rather – Everyday we are growing. Everyday, we are expanding our knowledge and abilities, developing our skills. So we don’t just GROW UP.

In this process of growing, dreams become a child’s play. But let me tell you why following your dreams is going to give a “happily ever after”:

Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dream

1# It sets you different from others.

Why You Should Follow Your Dream

From the average lives most of us living, a variation will definitely draw eyes. So be sure to envy the others!

2# You basically don’t work.

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Following your passion, avoids unwanted stress about last date submissions and annoyed bosses.Its called living the dream.

3# My life , My choice

Why You Should Follow Your Dream

Once you have the courage to follow your dreams, you are in complete control of what happens next. Dont let anyone write your story. Say goodbye to rules. Hello to freedom.

4# Happiness comes in all forms.

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You are happy for no reason. Happiness is closely related to how well you are proving your worth in this beautiful world.You get to live your life at its best.Thus You Should Follow Your Dream .

5# You haven’t limit the inner star within you.

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The 4 walls around you don’t stop that pen. The 4 walls not stop your pretty moves. Let that that explosion of energy out!

6# With dues and dates filling up your calendar,

Maybe you had a mere second of regret about the life you were living.Throw those dusty worn out files, set Your time. Just go out and realize who you exactly are.


7# Remember all those people who told no to you?

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Its show time for them.They are in for the best script they have ever seen or read. Prove them wrong. Show that you are much more to what they think you are.Thus You Should Follow Your Dream .

8# You find out that you can do beyond what you believed you can.

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You push yourself to achieve the best.Passion becomes a strong desire within you to achieve what has not been achieved yet. Your own consciousness takes control and helps you transcend. Way to go brain!

(Your organs definitely need to be appreciated).

9# Let us take a trip back to our English Texts back in school.


A poem , “A Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost.And I took the one less travelled by. He ends the poem hanging it right there. There you have it folks! Robert Frost just gave you the motivation of a lifetime. Take the path you want to. Set a milestone for others to follow. Don’t follow the crowd. Lead the crowd.

#10 Build your own dream. Otherwise someone will call you to build theirs.

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Quoted by a business tycoon, the words couldn’t be put more appropriately.There you are sitting in a class that you never intended to take or doing a job that you never wished to do. Why are you sacrificing your sweat and blood for something you never wanted to do? Question yourself. And make sure you are set afresh to build a galaxy of your universe.

After all your life in this beautiful world, that source of energy which created is going to ask you, What did you do with your life?. Make sure you give a jaw dropping answer.

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So what are you waiting for?

Take that path of Freedom.

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