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A Career in the Field of Physiotherapy

Meaning of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy means treating disorders by physical means,without medicine.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a complete healthcare profession.Physiotherapy is a branch of science which is concerned in treating various disorders by physical means.Right from beginning of ones life till death Physiotherapy plays a key role as it not only improves health and wellbeing but it also changes ones life entirely and improves quality of life.It is one of the ancient method to cure various disorders and diseases.In this field a patient is treated without a single medicine or a drug.Physiotherapy has evolved from time to time right from various kinds of manual therapy to modern techniques such as exercise to various use of electrical modalities.Physiotherapy is one of the most suitable and successful method to cure various disorders.

Who are Physiotherapist and what is their role?

A Physiotherapist is a person who studies Physiotherapy or physical therapy. Sometimes physiotherapist are also known as PT’s. Physiotherapist are often part of profession where there is desire to help other people.Physiotherapist are often part of various rehabilitation programs,NGOs,healthcare teams etc.They also look after the work of other physiotherapist assistance and aides and consult with physicians and surgeons and other specialists.They treat people of all ages from a new born child to aged person of all profession who have different kind of health problems like back and neck pain and injuries,strain,sprain,fractures,swelling, catch,arthritis, neurological disorder such as bells palsy,cerebral palsy,stroke,paralysis and other kinds of muscular problems and other conditions.The physiotherapist also helps in preventing various chronic conditions,illness and injuries.Physiotherapist are taught to use a variety of different techniques in oder to cure their patient.Such techniques may include normal exercise to modern exercise,training in functional movements which includes the use of equipment such as canes,wheelchair crutches and walkers;and some special movement in oder to improve movement and decrease pain in joints,muscle and other soft tissues.Apart from clinical aspects,many physiotherapist works are also involved in helping and improving health,fitness and wellness of one.They also run various programs for better health and lifestyle.They encourage healthier and more active lifestyles.

How to Opt for Physiotherapy?

A person after doing a class of 10+2 with science subjects like physics, chemistry, biology which are indeed specific requirements and only then one is eligible for the bachelor’s degree course and can enter into the Physiotherapy course.There are two levels of qualifications in physiotherapy,

1) Bachelor of physiotherapy (BPT) and

2), Masters in Physiotherapy (MPT)

While the bachelors degree i.e., BPT has a duration of four and half years (4 1/2) including Internship).Whereas the masters degree i.e., MPT has the duration of two years (2years). In Oder to do masters degree,bachelors degree is must.

Later by doing MPT it enhances the career as a professional physiotherapist.One can do specialisations in neurology,paediatrics,orthopaedics,geriatrics,sports physiotherapy,clinical electrophysiology and cardiopulmonary therapy, etc.They always have advantage of knowing more details about the particular subject and various facets of physiotherapy which ultimately help them in getting a job.

What are the job prospects after getting degree?

Physiotherapy has vast range of career options.Physiotherapist can either work in India or go and work in abroad.Due to sedentary lifestyles, everyday somewhere or the other people face common muscular and skeletal problems which include problem and pain such as backache, stiffness in shoulders and neck, arthritis,paralysis etc. By curing out the disorders, the physiotherapists work wonderfully.

After the completion of bachelors degree or master degree physiotherapist have ample job prospects in Hospitals, Nursing homes, Residential homes, Rehabilitation centres, banks,or Private clinics, etc. Additionally,physiotherapist can work at out patient clinics, sports centres,Fitness centers or Health clubs, Gyms,wellness Centres,spas,Community health care centers or Primary health care centers,Occupational health centers, Special schools and Senior citizen centres, NGOs etc.

Physiotherapy is one of the best choice which one can ever make.

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