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A Rainy day in Summer : Essay, Article, IELTS Que Card, Report

A Rainy day in Summer : Essay, Article, IELTS Que Card, Report, Paragraph 

Essay On A Rainy Day in Summer

A Rainy day in summer always brings a lot of delight for all the people. In summer there is extreme heat and scorching winds. The blazing sun mars the capability of the people. They get exhausted very quickly and prefer to stay indoors particularly during noontime. If such is the condition, a dark grey cloud or a drizzle of rain is forever welcomed.

A Rainy Day in summer : Essay , Article , Que Card , Speech , Paragraph

Which Was That Day ?

It was the 9th of July. It was very warm even in the hours of darkness. Not a single member of the family was able to sleep well. But in the morning, as I got up, I found that a pleasurable wind was blowing and clouds were gathering in the sky. My happiness knew no bonds.

How You Were Feeling ?

Soon there was lightning and thunder noises and within moments it started raining. It was really a very enjoyable morning. In a little while the drizzling turned into heavy rain. There was a striking aroma of the earth in the atmosphere. People were going crazy with pleasure.

Their hearts were overflowing with glee. Little children were singing and dancing in the rain. They were all getting soaked in the rainwater. They were having a pleasurable time in the rain. They were splattering water on each other. Some seemed occupied in floating paper boats in the flowing waters. It was a very pleasant site to watch.

Rain brings enormous changes in the environment. A few moments prior everything was dry and pale. The grass had become emaciated and withered. But as soon as it rained, nature took a brand new look. There were pools of water here and there and the kids enjoyed splashing it. Houses and streets washed off their dust. Everything and every person were rejuvenated.

Trees and plant life seemed to have taken a rebirth. The grass now raised its crown filled with water. The cuckoo started chanting from mango trees and the peacocks started dancing to greet the rain. The frogs croaked and made a noise after the rain which was also considered as a melody by us as we were in a very delightful mood.

By the afternoon the rain came to a halt. There was just a light drizzle which prevented the atmosphere to get warm again. The clouds had almost cleared by now and a stunning rainbow had appeared in the sky. Seeing a rainbow after a rain is the best part. People especially little children were in double strength now. They came out of the houses with bat and ball to play cricket, they were in high spirits.

The farm animals that were found grazing ground dry due to the extreme heat and did not had adequate water to drink now quenched their craving and got sufficient greenery to fill up their stomach.

Therefore rain brought a welcome relief from the boiling summer days. The weather conditions became fresh and breezy. Now nobody was exhausted or in a terrible mood. Instead people were seen standing outside enjoying the fresh and gentle wind.

A rainy day in summer was truly filled with delight. It brought a comforting effect on us. But it did not last long, the clouds broke up and the sun began to shine even more intensely. And yet again came the miserable state of the same severe heat, the same restlessness, the same dehydration. But nothing could be done. Nature is unpredictable and we have to confront its diverse moods.


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Describe a bad weather experience you have had.

You should say:

  • what sort of bad weather it was
  • when it happened
  • where you were when it happened

and explain how it affected you.

Follow up Questions:

  • What are the main seasons in your country?
  • What environmental changes have you noticed in your country?
  • What should we do to protect the environmental pollutions?

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