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A computer in handy

Meaning: The smallest size of an advanced computer can be named as a smartphone. This phone is used less for its sole purpose “calling” and more for the other uses.
 According to Oxford dictionary “A mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, having a touch screen interface, Internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps”.

Smartphones have become the all day carriers in our hands. From dawn to dusk the thing at which we are most active is “Smartphones”.
The first smartphone was launched in 2000. It was named as touchscreen Ericsson R380. Since, then the advancements kept taking place and every other week there is a launch of new smartphone.
In India the use of it further rose, after the introduction of Jio sim by reliance which offers free internet connection for 4G users until March 2017.


Connectivity has increased
: Beginning, of the age of smartphones has increased the no. of internet users as well as the magnitude of its use. Communication among people is on a rise. Through the platform of social media, people are able to make better relations with people living far away from them. People connect not only with known people but unknown as well. Biggest examples are Facebook, Quora, Twitter, etc.

Apps made the work easier: The apps such as GPS which is a savior for all the drivers who keeps forgetting the ways and also for the drivers heading on a new way. Helpchat gives information regarding every field whether; it is a suggestion for the degree college or an advice for a beauty product. Headspace, a meditation app;  is designed to make your mind tranquil after the hustle bustle of the entire day.

Portability has helped in the continuity of work: To have a video conference for an official purpose, person doesn’t have to carry his heavy laptop everywhere. The small modern device in his handy would do the latter. A person who has a habit to write but can’t carry the notebook everywhere, the notes option in the phones have become beneficial for them. Here, smartphones do not let any kind of hindrances come in the way of your work.

Learning has become easy: In couple of minutes a student can download the PDF of a required book and study it whenever and wherever he wants. This is a cost effective and easy way to learn. The world of internet always gives double of the information which was asked and thus students learn more.


Distraction from important work: People often get distracted due to the continuous usage of smartphones while doing important works. Its impact can be seen in the working sector of the society. Workers use social Medias in the midst of their office work and face problems to submit their work before the deadline.

Affects the eye:
People use their smartphones with such focus and observation that it seems they have been hypnotized. The Phone light at night stops the production of hormone melatonin, which when there is a disturbance in the functioning of melatonin, a person might get prone to depression and cancer.

Affects the psychological well-being:
Smartphones keep people engrossed in their work for more than half of the day. This makes them very weary and leaves with no time for themselves. This also generates background stressor in their lives.

There will always be negatives to a thing. Here, it becomes important for us not put ourselves in those negative i.e. avoid using phones at night in the dark and during office hours. Let’s make the most out of those positives and make the everyday task more efficient and easier.

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