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Positive Thinking

Positive thinking

Positive thinking is the ability of a person to stay optimistic in a situation where everything is going wrong and there’s no hope. Being positive in such situations allow people to believe in possibilities and work hard to achieve their goals.

The importance of positive thinking

  1. Positive thinking helps you succeed: Positive thinking brings about optimism in an individual’s life which helps them to believe that their hard work and efforts will bring them success.
  2. Positive thinking brings happiness: when an individual has a positive attitude he/she is happier and does not think about all the things that can go wrong and waste his time being sad about what might or might not happen.
  3. A positive attitude inspires the individual: a positive person is hard working and does not shy away from spending hours and hours working to ensure that they meet their goals.
  4. It helps you believe in yourself and in your abilities: Believing in yourself and your abilities help you to never give up on achieving great things in life. It motivates you to follow the path your heart desires.
  5. It helps in looking for solutions instead of dwelling on possible problems: when one keeps worrying about the future and all the problems that may occur and leave things undone. However, looking for solutions as and when the problems occur will ease the mind of the individual.

How to develop positive thinking

  1. Meditation: The art of meditation helps an individual to be more positive in his life. They are able to live in the present and do not live in the past and worry about all the problems that may or may not occur.
  2. Writing: This helps an individual focus his negative energy in such a way that he may make the most out of his time and relax. Writing a diary or writing blogs are some ways in which a person can individual can use to develop positive thinking.
  3. Having some fun: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. A person who only focusses on work tends to be more negatively inclined. It is very important that we have fun too. Going out for a coffee with friends, going out for a walk or riding a bike, such activities relaxes you and gives you peace of mind and helps you think positively.

Benefits of Positive thinking

  1. Increased lifespan: An individual who is able to look at things positively lives much longer than those who keep worrying about all the problems in their lives.
  2. Lower chances of depression: A happy person has very less chances of falling into depression. Thus positive thinking will only help people to be happier and reduce their chances of going into depression.
  3. A better psychological and mental health: Having a negative attitude towards life harms an individual’s mental health and their psychological well-being.
  4. It helps in maintaining good relationship with others: People like to be around happy and positive people. This helps in maintaining a good and healthy relationship with our friends and family
  5. It helps into turning problems to opportunities: those with a positive attitude keep looking for opportunities to learn and grow, and when they face a problem, they use this situation to learn how to handle similar situations in the future. Thus they turn such problems into future opportunities.
  6. Positive thinking can improve your immunity: It has been scientifically proven that positive thinking helps to keep an individual’s immunity high.
  7. Positive people are better at making decisions as compared to those who have a negative attitude: When you think positively, your decision are not influenced by your emotions. These decisions at the end turn out to be much better.
  8. Positive people are better at handling stress.
  9. It helps improve the individuals focus.
  10. It helps in maintain self-esteem: When you are optimistic in nature, you believe in yourself and your abilities. This makes you comfortable in your own skin.

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