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Advantages or Disadvantages of Semester System in Education

Advantages and Disadvantages of Semester System in Education

What is Semester System ?

Universities are very important part of a society. They prepare the professionals who are responsible to drive a nation. They generate ideas, innovations and create awareness among the people. Education depends on universities and progress of a country. The system in universities is responsible to educate the young minds of a nation.

Universities have different systems to educate the youth. Mainly there are two systems, adopted in universe ties, semester system and annual system. In annual system, exams are conducted after one educationalist year, while in semester system, exams are conducted after 5 or six months. There are many differences between annual and semester but here we are going to discuss about advantages and disadvantages of semester system.

Advantages of Semester System in Education

  • In semester system, students get a chance to study different subjects.
  • In semester system, assignments are given to students which help them to have knowledge other than the defined syllabus.
  • Flexibility in syllabus, and students have option to study some subjects according to their choice.
  • Semester system allows to synchronies undergraduate studies with postgraduate courses.
  • Teacher and student interaction increases and teachers have more information about their students
  • Contents of courses are decided by teachers and they can decide them by reviewing student’s interests.
  • Students get more vacations because they get a semester break after final exams of every semester.
  • In semester system, credit hours are defined and students have to study just according to the defined credit hours

Disadvantages of Semester System in Education

  • Students have to manage the syllabus in short time.
  • Sometimes, teachers cannot convey the whole knowledge of the subject due to short time
  • Students do not get time for extra study; as a result they just have basic knowledge of the subject
  • In semesters system, students do not get chance to re-evaluate their papers, so they have to manage and maintain their grades
  • There is less time for research, students do not get enough opportunity to research
  • Time passes very quickly and it does not let students to have complete knowledge about the subject

Conclusion on Advantages and Disadvantages of  Semester System 

These are the few advantages and disadvantages of semester system. In the light of these pros and cons, it is difficult to decide which system is best, annual or semester. But, if we review student’s choice, most of them prefer semester system over annual system.

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  • What is the history of the semester system? When/where did it start? How quickly did it become widespread?

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