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My Favourite Singer

“I Believe In Music The Way People Believe In Fairy Tales.”

Me And Music
If asked me about what I am really bad at then probably my answer would be singing and there also adds one clichéd irony that I love music and singing which is what I am bad at. Music has always been something that I have always wanted to be surrounded with. If I am idly sitting then it is the unsaid truth known by my people that music has to be together. I am a singer, a terrible one of course and whose art is closed behind bathroom doors but well on a serious note music has a great great impact on my life and I love to listen it again and again. The funniest part is that I being the ninties kid doesn’t love electronic music, the bang bang type and the music that only has beats without any trace of lyrics. I am not the Hardwell type, I am the Sanam Puri type. I am an old soul in a young body.
What type of music I love?
I don’t find it necessary to follow blindly and love things that don’t fit me. I am quite okay with how I love listening to Sanam Puri instead of electronic bang bang. My taste of music has so much to do with lyrics. The lyrics have to mean something. They need to make me feel something doesn’t matter if it’s happy, sad, patriotic or inspiring but it has to make me feel that is the bottom line. Sanam Puri is one such singer whose voice and songs have caught my heart. I feel that it’s not just me but many in this universe who feel that lyrics means everything in a song. If song is the body then well lyrics is the soul to it and I don’t think I will be able to sum up the importance of lyrics to me by saying anything more.
Why Sanam Puri?
There definitely are many singers who have sung beautiful pieces when it comes to lyrics but Sanam Puri sings the retro type making it loved by the audience and youth the most. His original songs are quite lesser in number but the retro, the black and white songs he sings are mesmerizing. I can say he adds colours to the black and white, they’re that beautiful. He is a singer of the youth and those who fall for lyrics but cannot enjoy the retro music. He has got this fusion of retro and amazing music in his songs that you cannot stop listening. If meaning is what is important to you in a song then you’ll hear this man on loop. I would want to hear more retro music after hearing him, before hearing him my standards for music were limited to just good lyrics and in the period of electronic music if you get good lyrics then it’s a feeling of achievement. The term good lyrics changed after I heard him. I got to knew what really best lyrics were like.

I am not anti-tech music, the way I love and enjoy soothing music there are people out there who love the bang bang type. Everybody has there choices after all. So I am forever going to be in the search of music that will have good lyrics. I believe that your choice of music describes what your inner soul is like. I am the loud aggressive type and well my music taste tells a lot different. How beautiful it is that something so small can describe your personality, I am not asking you to be judgemental though.

Music is a part of my soul, how about you?

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