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Advertisement : Meaning, Advantages & Disadvantages – Essay, Speech, Article

Advertisement : Meaning, Advantages & Disadvantages – Essay, Speech, Article

Advertisement Meaning

Advertisement Defination: Advertisements in a simple sense are drawing the attention of the general public to a product, service, event or idea through different marketing mediums and advertising is an activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products and services. The advertisement has a great impact on the audience which creates an urge in them to buy a particular product or service though it is subjective. The advertisement is the lifeblood of any business. It is a very well known fact that it depends on how creatively the advertisement is designed though it cannot be said that advertisements are the sole concern when it comes to sales. It is just a part of marketing strategy. Advertisement regardless of being online or offline if they don’t catch the attention of the public then the entire expenditure turns out to be a waste.

Advertisement : Meaning, Advantages & Disadvantages - Essay, Speech

Advertisement : Meaning, Advantages & Disadvantages – Essay, Speech

Advantages Of Advertisement (Benefits & Pros)

There are advantages of advetisements which is not hidden by anyone. Advertisement creates the market for products, goods and services. In a competitive market advertisement play a significant role in increasing the sales of the particular product. It creates awareness among the general public about it’s existence and also about it’s rates, discounts and various other advertisements advantages as well. It lures the customer to buy it and also helps them to compare the rates and quality of homogeneous products. The mediums of advertising like television, newspaper, magazines, pamphlets, applications and through other various means also earn a lot for broadcasting or publishing it. The main motto of advertising is giving knowledge to the public about the existence and nature of the product to create it’s market. It doesn’t just help to marketing managers or agents but also to the public by helping them to gain knowledge about new products or the editions in the old products.

Disadvantages Of Advertisement (Demerits, Drawbacks & Cons)

The advertisement may have many advantages but as every coin has two sides so is with this, as there are some disadvantages of advertisements as well. Many advertisements misleads people to buy their product which sometimes is harmful in some or the other way, doesn’t give the quality or type of product that is promised in advertise, luring customers by discounts but offering them degraded quality are few examples of the adverse effects of advertisement. They also try to promote inferior quality goods. Many times distorted version of reality is shown in advertises confusing and at the same time encouraging them to buy it. Some advertisements uses ill language or objectional pictures which are not accepted by the society. Cases are also filed even for the taglines that do not hold true, one of it’s prominent example is Redbull. Everyone knows that having any energy drink will not result in giving you wings, but there are few out of many who get misguided by such taglines as well.

Control Measures To Reduce The Demerits of Advertisements

There are no plotted points or ideas about how you control the demerits of advertisement because they are beyond control but still there are things which a consumer can do by himself. The cons of advertisements mainly consist of something which in simple words can be said as fooling the consumers. Consumers can file complaints under consumer protection act if they do not get the quality as promised. They can get more awareness through social media and other sources so that they do not get trapped by misleading advertisements. Print media and visual media both have it’s demerits which can be removed by gaining more knowledge about the product or service and also being aware is necessary.

Quotes on Advertisements

“A Good Advertisement Is One Which Sells The Product Without Drawing Attention To Itself.”

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art’ and creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.”

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