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Kerala – Geography, History, Culture, Famous Cities and Specialities

Kerala – Geography, History, Culture, Famous Cities and Specialities

Geography Of Kerala

Kerala – The Land Of Gods; is situated at the south-west corner of India. Kerala is bordered by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Arabian Sea. The most part of Kerala experiences humid tropical wet sort of climate. Kerala’s land is divided in two parts out of which one is used for tea abd coffee cultivation and the other part has dense forests. Kerala has forty one rivers out if which only three rivers flow eastwards, the rest flow westwards. The rivers at Kerala are fed during monsoon and because of that they sometimes literally dry up during summer season. There is one famous region of Kerala which is known as ‘Kerala Backwaters’ which interconnects estuaries and brackish water. This helps in carrying out inland travel in a particular region.


History Of Kerala

The reason behind Kerala being called ‘The Land Of Gods’ has a history behind it. It is because God Parshuram saved Kerala from a thunderous Sea which made people believe that Kerala was Land Of Gods. The very first ruler of Kerala was Cheraman Perumal. After Cheras there were also other dynasties that ruled over Kerala. There were communities that were attracted by Kerala which included Dutch, Britishers, Portuguese etc. Vosca da Gama’s discovery of Calicut gave Portuguese a chance to rule our Kerala. After rivalries and battles the Dutch took over the Portuguese. The Dutch rulers were invaded by Haider Ali and he by Tipu Sultan. Lastly Britishers were handed over Kerala. In 1956 the three territories merged and Kerala came into existence.

Culture Of Kerala

Kerala’s culture is notable in terms of it’s dance, art, music and cuisine. Apart from traditional festivals like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Id-Ul-Fitr there are distinct festivals of Kerala like Onam and Vishu which are celebrated with great enthusiasm. One can find out there traditional values in theatrical shows like Mohiniattam, Kootiyattam and Kathakali. Kerala is very well known for Ayurvedic methods to cure illness. They prefer and rely more on natural methods than trying allopathy. It is also known as Land Of Ayurveda. Kerala cuisine is a mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Their staple food is rice and other dishes which they usually have include too much of coconut variations, fish, poultry and red meat.

Famous Cities

Kumarakom is a place of Kerala that is popular for tourist attraction because of the beautiful lakes and bird century. Kerala has many cities specially for tourist attraction which includes Kochin which is very well known as Cochi. Kozhikode whose name has now changed to Firozabad is special for the forts it possesses. It is also famous for it’s trading for spices. The capital city of Kerala Trivandrum which now is know as Thiruvananthapuram. It is known for it’s scenic beauty and trade of sandalwood, ivory and spices. Thrissur city which is the cultural capital of Kerala is also famous for it’s Thrissum Pooram festival which is great and colourful festival in Kerala.

Specialities Of Kerala

Kerala is special for the Vallamkali which actually is a boat race carnival that is held once in every year. The houseboats of Kerala are unique and special which are made purely from natural goods. They are huge and wandering around in it is a splendid experience. Kerala is also well known for it’s tree house. It’s an accommodation facility one would want to experience at least once in a lifetime. Coffee beans of Kerala are considered to be the best one’s with a special sort of aroma. The banana chips of Kerala have a class of taste in it. Travellers would make it a point to taste it once because coconut is the best in Kerala.

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