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IELTS Essay Sample: Advertisements for Charities on TV & Internet

The number of advertisements for charities on television and the Internet seems to be increasing. What is causing this? Is this a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, non-profitable organizations’ commercials are quite often appeared on tv programs and websites. This essay will discuss why such commercials are shown frequently over media and it brings a positive change in our society.

Advertisements for Charities

The primary cause behind the surging rate of advertisements over television channels and the internet is to seek attention from the viewers for revenue generation. As people are occupied with their busy lifestyles and are unaware of several charitable programs that work for noble causes. However, people spend quality time watching tv and browsing the internet. Hence, these NGOs and charitable firms choose these platforms to spread awareness among society for donations and volunteers. While scrolling Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, viewers often encounter advertisements of NGOs like Keto, and UNICEF who urge people to donate money for the deprived class.

Perhaps these frequent appearances of advertisements about charity programs could be seen as a positive change in society. As recurring advertisements capture viewers’ attention and they might curiously look into further details to support. With the increasing number of commercials on the media platform, every year donations are also getting higher. Moreover, people from every class are motivated to do something positive for the social cause. Amid the pandemic, several foundations and trusts, in India, received generous amounts of money, food, and clothing for the impoverished class to support them. Therefore, these commercials paved paths between those organizations and people to work at a macro level for social causes for society.

To conclude, persistent charity commercials are using popular media platforms to reach everyone and encourage people to volunteer and support the needy. Certainly, this trend brings a radical positive change in our society as people are inspired to help others.

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