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Psychology : Essay , Speech , Article , Meaning , Importance

Psychology : Essay , Speech , Article , Meaning , Importance

What is Psychology ?

Essay on Psychology : Psychology is the art of studying the behavioural changes of various creatures. Some call psychologists as mad men. Some would rather call them a genius send from heaven. Psychology is also called the science of mind. Mind is a rather difficult arena of research. Many question its presence and where it is actually located.

Psychology : Essay , Speech , Article , Meaning , Importance

Psychology : Essay , Speech , Article , Meaning , Importance

Psychology Meaning

Psychology arises from Greek. It is made up of two names – Psyche and Logos. It means soul and science respectively. So it is a science of inner mind, consciousness and unconsciousness. It demands more attention since the slightest variation in the nerve ending messages bring out the biggest changes to thinking.

Importance of Psychology

Man’s thinking and actions cannot be limited to what he has in his brain. There is more to it. The gut feeling we have, the intuitions and the de ja vu feelings are related to this beautiful mysterious field. Man is active even when he is asleep. That is why rather that science of mind psychology is called the science of behaviour. It hence deals with the behaviours and its changes seen in the man and other creatures.

Behaviour too is a wide arena of research. It is a broad concept. It mentions about the way we think, act, our experiences, our ideas, our activities and many more. Life is built on a billion emotions that are told and untold. And behaviour includes all of them. Psychology mainly focuses on this behavioural field of many individuals. They try to reason why individuals behave so. They look into its concepts and what the motive was.


Aspects of Psychology

Psychology has four main goals. It includes how to describe what occurred, to explain how it occurred, to predict what is likely to occur next and to change the unwanted circumstances. They scientists who work in these arena or field is called psychologists. They study the process and concepts of thinking, learning, cognition, emotions, motivations and personalities. Many studies and researches are done by psychologists to try and figure out why creatures do the things that they do.

Psychology now has been studied for more than a thousand years. Even from early age, people were very curious about the human mind. Even now people find it hard to grasp and find the exact reason of the mind stimulus. But they don’t stop there.

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