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Associations Essay , Article , Importance

Associations Essay , Article , Importance

What is Association ?

Association is a word which we mostly use in our daily conversations. By association, we have different meaning in different situations. Actually, association means “relationship, link, affiliation, person-to-person linkage, person-to-environment linkage, person-to-society linkage”. These all meanings of association depend upon the condition in which we are considering this association. Everyone is different, and has different desires, needs and interests. People act according to their own nature, their own needs and interests. So we cannot expect two different persons to act identically. It is a fact that everyone is different but, we are humans, we have to live in a society so we cannot live independently by acting and behaving independently. We have some associations, with our friends, family and society.

Associations Essay , Article , Importance

Definition of Association

When we are living in a society, we may have conflicts with others because we all are different, we behave different and we have different interests. But these conflicts cannot break the real associations which we have with our society and environment. According to a proper definition of association :

“An association is a group of people organized for the achievement of a particular interest or interests.”

So, in real world, associations may have different names, different signs which can represent a specific association. In an association, different people work for the same goal, work for the same purpose. People with different mind setups, different backgrounds and different ideas, when work for the same purpose, same goal, they make some perfect association.

Important Characteristics of Association

Association is built on some important points and it has some important characteristics:

  • Association- a human group
  • Common interests
  • Co-operative spirit
  • Organization
  • Regulation of relations

Examples and types of Association

As mentioned earlier that association can be of different types, you can check these examples of types of association:

  • Political Associations
  • Economic associations
  • Laborer’s associations
  • Religious Associations
  • Professional Associations
  • International associations
  • Students associations

The Republican Party, a famous political party, is a strong political association. There are many other examples, like Bharatiya Janata Party. The example of professional association can be some “medical doctors association”.

Different fields have different associations, it depends on people that how they manage their associations. When we work together, by understanding each other and understanding our goals, we can transform our dreams into reality.

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