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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy {Pros & Cons}

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Essay on Solar Energy

From ages we have been using non-renewable source of energy as a consequence the availability is getting depleted day by day furthermore the cost is also booming. Additionally on burning of non-renewable source of energy the emission of green house is present, which leads to pollution and hence increasing adverse effect of global warming.

Henceforth in the need of hour we need to shift from non-renewable source of energy to renewable source of energy to encounter problems and fulfil the demands. Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun. Solar energy is the most readily available source of energy. It is abundant in nature. It is also the most important of the non-conventional sources of energy because it is non-polluting and, therefore, helps in lessening the greenhouse effect and becoming one of the alternative for fossil fuel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy {Pros & Cons}

Merits and Demerits of Solar Energy

As non-conventional source of energy there is both Pros & Cons of Solar Power or Merits and Demerits of Solar energy. First we will see advantages of solar energy & then disadvantages of of solar energy.

Advantages of Solar Energy


As Solar energy utilize both radiation and light coming from sun it is clean, reliable therefore it doesn’t produce harmful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, sulphur dioxide etc. thus devastating effect of these gases on environment reduces.

Can be harnessed in many ways:

The solar energy can be harnessed in way likewise in the form solar heating, Photovoltaics cell, solar thermal energy etc. according to requirement.

Suitable for remote location:

Solar energy can be installed at remote location easily where the power cables are not there as it directly utilize sun energy.

Long lasting:

The solar energy is long lasting in nature as there is no moving parts and no noise production and hence very less maintenance is required.

Saving ecosystem:

Because solar doesn’t rely on constantly mining raw materials, it doesn’t result in the destruction of forests and eco-systems that occurs with many fossil fuel operations.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Initial cost

The initial cost of both manufacturing as well purchasing of solar is high which one the major concern is. The installation cost of solar panel is a bit high.

Location & availability of sunlight

For the generation of electricity the importance of location and it’s availability. The area which have generally foggy condition or mostly cloudy, the rate of production is not much high and hence may require more panel. During winters, solar collectors cannot produce more energy. Solar energy generation requires huge amount area for its set-up.

Storage & weight

Storage of solar energy technology has not reached it’s potential yet also the weight of solar panel are bulky.

Unable to compete

Solar power station doesn’t match up with the power output similar to sized conventional power station and its expensive to build the solar power station.


Since not all the light from the sun is absorbed by the solar panels therefore most solar panels have a 40% efficiency rate which means 60% of the sunlight gets wasted and is not harnessed. New emerging technologies however have increased the rate of efficiency of solar panels from 40 to 80% and on the downside have increased the cost of solar panels as well.


As non-conventional source of energy there is both Pros & Cons of Solar Power.

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