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World Family Day Essay , Speech , Article , Slogans , Quotes

World Family Day Essay , Speech , Article , Slogans , Quotes

What is the Family ?

World Family Day : First of all we must understand what is a real family? Family is a network of relationships in which parents are connected to children, children are connected to parents and siblings are connected to each other via strong string of love and care. A sweet and secure feeling comes in our mind when we think about family. Love is base of a happy family and care is a strong bond which keeps the connection among the members of a family. One another integral part of this relationship is time. Time for each other keeps family members close to each other thus creating a strong happy family.
World Family Day

Why World Family Day is Celebrated ?

To remind and recognize the importance of a family, general assembly of United Nations proposed to celebrate international/world family day on every 15 of May, this decision was taken in 1993 and from 1994 to onwards, this day is celebrated all over the world. Every year the general secretary United Nations suggests a specific motto in the relevance of that day. For example, this year 2015, the phrase set was “Men in charge? Gender equality and children’s rights in contemporary families”, so all the meetings, conferences and programs held on 15 May 2015 covered the discussions on the mentioned phrase. This motto was about the male dominance in a family, male and female equality and protection of children rights in a family relationship.

Purpose of Celebration

The main purpose to celebrate this day is to raise awareness of individual rights in a family, creation of friendly environment among the parents and children, and to recognize the importance of a prosperous family relationship.

It is the need to time to develop awareness of a complete family, because there are many children, boys and girls who are the victims of broken family relationships and as a result they have involved in unlawful activities and destroying their lives in doing criminal activities. People need to understand that separation and anger is not the solution of problem, patience, love, care and discussion is the solution of problem.


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  • Nice blog. World family day is a special day for every individual. Due to covid-19, we can’t organise an event on this day. But we can organize a virtual event to connect with our loved one’s and celebrate this event.

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