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United Nations Day Importance

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What is United Nations ? Paragraph

United Nations is an international organization established on 24 October 1945 after the world war. The purpose behind its establishment is to prevent further warfare, to make this world prosper and peaceful. In first and second world wars, millions of innocent people died and millions were disabled due to chemical weapons. The effects of atomic bombing on Nagasaki and Hiroshima can be stilled observed; because a vast area has still radioactive emissions.The world was suffering from big disasters as aftereffects of world wars. It was very necessary to make a world organization who handles the matters among the countries and stopping them from the use of chemical, biological and atomic weapons.

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United Nations Day

Importance Of United Nations Day ?

United Nations Day is celebrated every year on 24th of October. It was decided in 1971 to highlight the aims and Goal of United Nations Organization. Conferences, seminar and other programs are organized on 24 October each year on national international levels. The ambassadors of United Nations organize the meetings in their respective areas to teach people about the goals of United Nations and urge them to work on the aims on United Nations. United Nations is currently working on many projects like, development programs in Africa and other poor countries, fighting against terrorism, saving world’s resources, literacy programs and many others. And the purpose of celebrating the United Nations Day is to remember the real ideology of the formations of this organization.

Where United Nations Day Celebrated ?

All countries and the United Nations too, should remember the actual purpose. The promise of work for the poor and innocent should be revived. Many parts of the world are still the victim of terrorists, hunger and illiteracy at the same time. United Nations and the member countries need to work honestly on their agenda. If United Nations and its members keep working on the purposed track, the world will be free of hunger and terrorism soon.

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