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Teenage Pregnancy Problem : A Serious Issue

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What is Teenage Pregnancy ?

Teenage pregnancy is a term used to describe pregnancy in females who are aged less than 19 years. It is estimated that 16 million women of aged 15-19 years give birth to child every year which accounts for 11 percent of the total childbirths.

How Teenage Pregnancy Can Observed ?

Teenage Pregnancy is seen from different viewpoints in the societies of different places depending on many factors. First of all when talking about teenage pregnancy, the most important observation seen is that maximum number of such pregnancies occur in low or middle income countries.

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Factors Affecting For Teenage Pregnancies

This can be attributed to ignorance about the possible outcomes of such pregnancies, low education, situations triggered by poverty, etc. Having pregnancies outside marriage is less common in developing countries. In india, it happens that due to poverty, parents willingly give their daughter away for marriage. In some places of India, girls marry at a very tender age. In developed countries, single unmarried moms are more common.

Teenage Pregnancy : A Serious Problem

Why Teenage Pregnancy is Serious Issue?

Teenage Pregnancy is a serious issue because it drains away the possibility of women being profitably working as due to pregnancy most of them cannot continue their education. Automatically, women are forced to face unemployment as an adult. This definitely harms the economy of a country. Moreover teenage pregnancy is harmful for both the child and the mother. For the mother, risk of developing anaemia, lowering of immunity leading to HIV , ignorance about sexual issues leading to suffering from sexually transmitted diseases are great. Most of the pregnancies for teens who are not yet married is unintended. It happens out of ignorance, mistake and other favourable situation leading to sex. In some places sexual relation between a minor and adult is not consensual because the minor is assumed to be immature to set their consent  equally to that of the adult involved. Such instances also lead to unwanted pregnancies. Ignorance about prevention methods or failure of contraceptives also lead to unwanted pregnancies leading to unsafe abortions . The child of teen mothers also faces health problems. Many stillbirths, preterm births, low birth weights, deaths occur. The child is born with weaknesses.

How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy ?

First of all to prevent Teenage Pregnancy firstly a healthy attitude must be adopted by the adults to educate their younger ones about sexual issues, check perception of personal attitude and behavior towards sexual intercourse, importance of avoiding it and using protection if involved, avoiding too much favorable conditions of privacy with the partner for such intimacy and about one’s ethics and personal choices about it. Also, instead of adopting a weird attitude towards it, underlying causes must be checked. Adults must educate their young ones about it in accordance with their age. Small children must be educated about what are good and bad touches and to voice against forced sex. Disguised molestation of ignorant children are also common.

Role of Adult to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

So the adults should play a vital role in taking this as a sole responsibility in guiding their younger ones in taking decisions about relationships, to check their level of exposures to such content and to check their perceptions too about them. Places where teenage pregnancies in unmarried teens are a taboo,  the teens should be more carefully guided because if it happens with them they will face much rejection and complex from the society.

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