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Christmas : Essay, Speech, Composition [My Favorite Festival]

Christmas: Essay, Speech, Composition [My Favorite Festival]

Essay On Christmas

Christmas festival or Christmas day is a religious festival celebrated annually as the birthday of “Jesus Christ”, the savor of humanity. Jesus Christ is the symbol of love and peace who brought love and humanity for the people. Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Marry who is known as the poise and noblewoman of that time. When Jesus Christ was born, people of that era were suffering from oppression and insult from the emperors. But Jesus Christ brought the key to unlock the chains of slavery and guided the innocent people to the right path. Jesus Christ eliminated the darkness and spread the light of knowledge and independence, therefore Jesus Christ is respected in all religions. Christians believe Jesus Christ as the whole power and believe that Jesus Christ will help them in every trouble. It is considered that Jesus Christ was born on 25 December. Therefore 25 December is celebrated as the festival day each year.

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Christmas Essay

Many traditions and rituals belong to Christmas for example; the most fascinating ritual is Christmas tree formation. Christmas tree is a symbol of harmony and it is decorated with many lights, toys, flowers etc. The main Christmas festival is celebrated on the day of 25 December but the rituals and celebrations of Christmas continue for 12 days from 25 December to 5 January. There are official holidays in the countries where Christianity is the official religion but 25 December is the official holiday in many countries of the world. People start to donate much of their incomes to needy people for the sake of God. It means that Christmas brings a lot of happiness for the poor and peace of mind for the rich. Many people start saving money for this festival so that everyone can enjoy this peaceful festival.

Christmas brings happiness for everyone so there are many rituals that belong to Christmas which are purely celebrated to spread love and peace. When I was a child, my mother used to tell me that on every 25 of December, an angel of peace comes to the earth and distributes gifts to children. Now I am aware of that good guy who distributes gifts, that good guy is named “Santa Claus”. Santa Claus is a man who wears a red and white-colored dress having a long white beard. Santa Claus is specifically belonging to Christmas who increases the happiness of Christmas.Essay on Christmas My Favorite Festival Paragraph,Speech

The happiness of Christmas cannot be defined in words. People who really enjoy this festival as the festival of peace and remember other people in their happiness surely get deep peace of mind. Let’s join hands on this Christmas and promise to make this world a place of peace and love, whatever religion you belong to. Merry Christmas to humanity.

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