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Study in China ! How and Why?

Study in China Related Questions

  • Why study in China?
  • What is the scope of studying in China?
  • What benefits can i get while studying in China?
  • What will be my future after education from China?
  • What i have to do for getting admission in Chinese college/university?
  • What will be the cost of studying in China?
  • Who can support me for study in China?
  • Do they offer any scholarship to study in China?
  • To whom i should contact to get details about education in China?
  • Where is Chinese embassy?

Why Study in China?

China is an Asian country of worth importance. China is world’s most populated country and has strong economical network. It is located in East Asia and borders with East China sea, Korea bay, and south China Sea. It has 15 neighboring countries including India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and Burma. Hong Kong and Macau are the special administrative states of China. Many regions of China are surrounded by high mountains which attracts the tourists from all over the world. It is the country with a lot of tourist attractions and stimulates many people to come in China and live there.  The official language of China is “Chinese” and they like to talk in Chinese because it is their mother language. China is the region where the highest population of followers of Buddha is present. People of China are very friendly and loving, so foreigners feel no difficulty to live there.

Apply to Chinese Colleges

China is blessed to have a great number of best class colleges/universities there. So the standard of education and research is very well recognized. Students are warmly welcomed to China to get admission in any degree, any subject. The process of applying to Chinese colleges is very easy because you just have to carefully follow few steps:

  • Select the subject of your interest
  • Check the Chinese colleges/universities that are well known for that subject (the one chosen by you)
  • Check the dates of admissions of these colleges/universities
  • Check admission requirements and your own ability
  • Try to learn Chinese language, it will be plus point for you
  • Apply for Admission
  • Wait for their response but do not waste time and gather information about Visa etc.

Study in China

Cost of Study in China

China is an economically stable country and supports education. The cost of study in China is very less than other countries. According to an estimate, the cost of study in China ranges from $2000 to $4000 per academic year depending upon the subject and institute where you are going to study. There are a number of different scholarships available to study in China, offered by Chinese government, Government of India or some international organizations. The expenses of living there are also accommodated in different scholarships but if you are studying on self basis then still it is affordable to study in China even of you have a moderate family background. You can find information about scholarships here.

Employment Prospectus

According to a survey, China has the strongest economical status that’s why; the students studying in China have a surety of job after study. Employment ratio is high for students having Chinese college/university degree. Students have many opportunities for job after getting degree both, in India and China. According to research prospectus, Chinese degree is of worth importance because China has highest percentage of research publications in the world. There is a big percentage of Chinese and Chinese degree holding employees in renowned multinational companies and international universities. So if you have a plan to study in China, then your decision is very good for your future. You can check these Career Opportunities.

Chinese Visa and Immigration

It is somehow easy to get Chinese Visa for study in China because Chinese government supports education and research and welcome international students to study in China. Many programs are there to easily get Chinese Visa and immigration. If you have a plan to study in China, then first collect your documents and get your passport then contact to embassy and apply for study Visa. If you have a plan to live in China for a long time then you must mention it in the application. You can get Visa and Immigration details here

Embassy Details

Chinese government has opened its Embassy in India. The main office of Chinese embassy is situated in New Delhi and two consulates in Mumbai and Kolkata. The best way of getting information about Chinese Visa and immigration is to contact Chinese Embassy; they will definitely provide true information about everything. You can contact Chinese embassy in India by following this Link.

Life at China

China is a country with many tourist attractions and people usually visit China to feel the mystery of the world. The Great Wall of China is the most famous tourist attraction. If you have a chance to get admission in Chinese college/university then do not miss the chance to experience the life at China. Different communities of the world are living in China and there is no restriction on religion and traditions. You are free to enjoy your life according to your own rules but you just need to respect the law. The people of China are very friendly and civilized so they warmly welcome every foreigner and give respect to him. The Life at China may prove to be best experience of your journey of life.

Colleges/Universities in China

Chinese colleges/universities are in the list of top international colleges/universities. According to QS ranking, Chinese universities are on the top of the list of Asian universities. You can find the list of top colleges and universities here. The QS ranking enlists the top universities/colleges in China according to the facilities, research and publications. Studying in China can proved to be the best decision for your future if you have a thirst of knowledge and education. According to some reviews, the best universities of the world are present in China, who are serving mankind with their excellent research, discoveries and inventions in different fields.

Study in China

Consultants for China

Many companies are providing consultancy for Chinese Visa or immigration for Indians. But people must chose some consultant very wisely because there are also some agencies that are trying to deceive people on the name of Visa and immigration. So, only contact registered and reliable consultants. You can also collect information from embassy because they can provide you better information but still there is need of seeking guidance from other experienced persons. There are some honest consultants working in India to provide correct information to seek help in getting Chinese Visa. Some consultants for China are: The Chopras, Assian educational consultancy, other list of consultants to study in China.

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