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Study in Ireland, Why and How?

Study in Ireland, Why and How?

Study in Ireland Related Questions

  • Why study in Ireland?
  • What is the scope of studying in Ireland?
  • What is the job prospectus after studying from Ireland?
  • What is the cost of studying in Ireland?
  • Is there any scholarship for students?
  • How can I apply for colleges/universities in Ireland?
  • What is the lifestyle in Ireland?
  • Where is Irish embassy in India?
  • Who can guide me about getting admission in Ireland?
  • What are the best colleges/universities in Ireland?


Ireland is a land surrounded by islands located in Europe as one of the most developed regions of Europe. There is no patch of land which is farther than 150 miles from the sea. There is a plenty of open space without any human population because the area of Ireland is 70,282 sq.km and human population is 4 million. Ireland is very close to Britain; therefore, six cities are the part of United Kingdom. The capital of Ireland is Dublin which is known for its natural beauty and fresh air. The official language of Ireland is English but the native people usually speak Celtic because Celtic is their traditional language. Ireland is a developed and economically established country. The currency of Ireland is now Euro which is also an official currency of many other countries of Europe.

Study in Ireland

                                          Study in Ireland

How to Apply Irish Colleges

The process of applying to Irish colleges is not very complex. You just have to follow some steps to apply for a course or degree. You have to apply through the international office in your preferred college or institute. First you have to search for all the universities, or colleges where you can apply or where your relevant subjects are coordinated. Then contact the admission office of that relevant college and collect information about required documents. After this, collect all the required documents and send them/post them before the last date of admission. Do not waste time and also apply for study visa during this time.

Cost of Study in Ireland

The costs of study in Ireland mostly depend on the course what you are studying, institute where you are studying and the city of Ireland where you are living. Costs also fluctuate with the fluctuations in international currency fluctuations. So you must check for the study costs before applying and ensure that you can afford these costs or you have some scholarship. The average cost of undergraduate study in Ireland is almost €25,000. But this cost can be changes accordingly. So students should contact the concerned department of the college to get latest information.

Employment Prospects

After studying in Ireland, you can have many opportunities according to employment point of view. Students can also do some part time job while studying in Ireland. This will help them to get very good job of their choice after completing degree. You will have job opportunities in almost all countries of the world according to the subject you studied. Many colleges of Ireland offer such courses which have great employment prospects and bright future.

Irish VISA and Immigration

Irish Visa and Immigration can easily be got through some proper channel. The Irish Naturalization and Immigration (INIS) is the Irish service established in 2005. The purpose of INIS was to provide a “one stop shop” in relation to asylum, immigration, citizenship and visas. It is responsible for administration the immigration and citizenship matters. If you are planning to get Irish Visa then contact Irish embassy or directly contact INIS to collect information and requirements for Visa. You should keep in mind that if you are going to Ireland for study then apply for study Visa. The requirements for study Visa are usually different from normal Visa requirements.

Irish Embassy Details

In India, Irish embassy is located in New Delhi. The address of Irish embassy is C17, Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021. Much of the information you require for Visa and immigration can be collected from Irish embassy because they can guide you precisely. For further information, you can visit Irish Embassy India. Embassy personals will guide you about every step of Visa and its requirements but it is compulsory to have all the required documents. If you hold a strong offer from college then it will be easier to get Visa in  short time.

Life in Ireland

Life in Ireland is much better than life in many other countries. The standard of life in Ireland is getting high day by day. Different factors like housing, income, jobs, education, health and safety adds to increase the standard of life in Ireland. According to a research, each person in Ireland earns and average of €19,258 per year and 20% of the population earns four times above than average. The educational facilities are very good in Ireland and according to a survey; women are educated more than men. Any type of pollution is away from Ireland. Meaning that, Ireland is free of excessive pollution and therefore, there is a very healthy environment. People of Ireland are friendly and they will prove to be good friends if you cooperate.

Colleges/Universities in Ireland

Ireland is one of the developed countries where education is at first preference. There are many education institutes which are accepted at international level and meet the international requirements of education. Many high ranked colleges and universities are the belongings of Ireland. People come from all parts of the world to get education from Irish colleges/universities. According to QS international Ranking, many colleges/universities of Ireland are on the top list of good international universities. For example, University college Dublin, National university of Ireland, Galway and many other colleges/universities are considered to be the best universities on the world. You can find the list of good colleges/universities in Ireland here.

Consultants for Ireland

Finding a good consultant is necessary if you have a plan to go to Ireland. A consultant will guide you about all the requirements and procedures required for Visa and immigration. Consultants can also help in getting Visa. Beware of fake and fraud consultants and contact those who are reliable and experienced. Now many consultants have made their websites and portals thus to convey the right information. There are many consultants working in India to provide help in getting study Visa and other Visas. Some reliable and valid consultants for Ireland are mentioned below:

  • The Chopras
  • Sky line
  • Y-Axis

Many other consultants are also working in different areas of India. You can get information about consultants from those also who have experience of Visa and other formalities.

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