The Top High Paying Jobs That Don’t Need a Bachelor’s Degree

Don’t have the time or energy to invest in earning a bachelor’s degree? Worry not! There are plenty of high paying jobs that require, at the most, a diploma. Keep reading this article to know about the top-paying jobs that don’t need a bachelor degree. To know about more jobs that don’t require a degree visit 22 top paying jobs that don’t need bachelor degree.

The Top High Paying Jobs That Don’t Need a Bachelor’s Degree

The Top High Paying Jobs That Don’t Need a Bachelor’s Degree

Appliance Repairer:

In this category, workers are involved in repairing of electric appliances like air conditioners, heating, and refrigeration. You may need to enroll in a technical school to work as an appliance repairer, because many clients insist on looking at qualifications. The programs can range from six months to two years. Repairers earn up to $43,640 per annum.

Paralegal assistants:

These are the people who assist lawyers and help prepare files and legal documents, as well as, conduct legal research. The demand for paralegals is very high and one can earn $46,990 yearly.

Computer service technicians:

People who choose to work in this field, assist businesses and individuals by advising them on utilizing types of equipment and software. Having computer knowledge is necessary along with diploma in computer related courses. The average salary in this category is $48,900 annually.


You may not need a degree to become an electrician, but it is really important that you go through training since the nature of the job is very volatile. Aspiring electricians will need to attend a technical school and this will definitely lead to a solid job opportunity. The average pay is $49,980.

Respiratory therapists:

These therapists assist patients who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma. They have a high demand in medical facilities and some even offer at home services. But it is very important that aspiring therapists have an associate degree and the necessary licensing required. Once all that is settled, as a respiratory therapist you can earn up to $55,890 per year.

Multimedia artists:

People who create visual effects and animations for various media outlets are called multimedia artists. Even though labor department’s statement suggests that most multimedia artists possess a bachelor’s degree, it is not necessary to have a university degree. A certified training course in graphics and design will get you a good job as a multimedia artist. The average pay is $62,500.

Web developers:

Web developers create and design websites. In this career it is very important to have knowledge about coding and optimum design skills, employers look to see coding knowledge and HTML knowledge and experience in graphic design is also important. The annual pay in this field is $62,500.

Construction supervisors:

To become a construction supervisor, it is more important to have extensive experience in this field rather than a degree. You may have to work on construction sites for four or five years before taking the lead position. The salary is $467,130.

Gaming managers:

In the last few decades, the gaming industry has been growing, although not by much. But that does not mean that the industry will stop expanding, even if it expanding at a slow rate. To oversee operations at a casino club, the basic qualification is a high school diploma. On average a gaming manager will earn $66,200 each year.


If the above list still has you “on the fence” about choosing the right job then check out 22 top paying jobs that don’t need a bachelor degree to explore more options.

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