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Study in Germany ! Why and How?

Study in Germany, Why and How?


  • Why study in Germany?
  • Why Germany is much better for Education?
  • How to apply for German colleges?
  • What is cost of studying in Germany?
  • What is the Life style in Germany?
  • Where is German Embassy in India?
  • What is the Visa requirements?
  • Who are the consultants to study in Germany?
  • What is employment prospectus to Study in Germany?


Germany is the country of Europe with largest population which share borders with nine other countries of Europe: North side is bordered with Denmark, east is bordered by Czech Republic and Poland, southern side is bordered by Austria and Switzerland (which is not a European country), France and Germany share southwest border and Netherlands in the west. This geological data itself speaks about the importance Germany. There is a Federal Republic type of political system in Germany and elections are conducted after four years. The capital of Germany is Berlin and the official language of Germany is “German”. The highest population in Germany is of Christians i.e. 70% above. Germany is also famous for many tourist attractions and international universities.

Apply for German colleges

The application procedure for German colleges/universities is same as for other countries. A student Visa and admission confirmation is required to join some German college/university. Students just have to follow simple steps and rules to get admission in German college/university. First, search for the best colleges/universities in Germany and select the one which is best in the subject of your interest. Check Ranking of the college/universities and check the admission requirements. Apply for admission by completing all the requirements. Wait for their response but do not waste this gap and apply for passport if you don’t have yet and then apply for study Visa. Remember that if you are going to Germany for study then apply for study Visa only.

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Cost of Study in Germany

It is very good to know that there is no tuition fee for undergraduate students in Germany. You may think that there must be a separate tuition fee for international students but, it is very good to know that this rule of tuition fee is also applicable for international students. All public universities of Germany do not charge any tuition fee for undergraduate students. The average cost of study in Germany ranges between US$9,980 to US$10,520. This fee and living cost is attractive for most of the students. On the other hand, many scholarships are also offered by German Government and international organizations to study in Germany. DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is famous for providing support to talented students. There are many other scholarships available for students which can be found here.

Employment prospectus

Germany is one of the most developed countries of the world and supports education and talent. German universities explore the talent; therefore most of the talented students are get job offers even during their studies. After getting education from Germany, you’ll have 100% chance of getting good job in India or outside the India. Most probably you may get good job in Germany and they consider you as one of the good students of Germany. But do not forget your homeland and keep your identity. Some factors are also counted in getting a good job, for example, work experience through internships, language skills etc.

German Visa and Immigration

If you are planning to go to Germany, to study there then it is easy to get study Visa for Germany. When you are accepted for admission in some German university/college then you can easily get German Visa. The documents you may require for getting Visa are:

  • Completed application form
  • Valid passport
  • 2 photographs
  • Letter of admission
  • Transcript of academic record
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while living in Germany
  • Declaration of authenticity of documents submitted

If you are going to Germany for job then apply for work Visa.


Germany Embassy

Germany and India has strong relations and good diplomatic relations. Therefore, Germany has built its embassy in New Delhi India. The main office is in New Delhi but the sub offices consulates are also in other cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai. The contact of German embassy is +91 11 4419 9199. All types of Visa are issued by the embassy so do not forget to contact embassy for further details. The best way of getting information and to get updates is to visit their website.

Life at Germany

Living in Germany will be a unique experience for you. The life at Germany is very orders, clean and decent. There is no untidiness and everything, every matter is orderly arranged. Some people think that Germans are dry and bore but fact is opposite to this perception. Germans are very organized in daily matter and they do not bear any mess in any matter. But they are also very chilled and fun loving at event and festivals so they cannot be called bore. As a student, you have a chance to enjoy all colors of life in Germany. There are many tourist attractions and exciting traditional events which can be enjoyed with full fun. There are very comfortable facilities for transport, travel, health and utility available on affordable rates. So you will enjoy life at Germany.

Colleges/universities in Germany

The standard of education in Germany is meets the international standards and contributing in the research and development of the world. Many universities/colleges of Germany are included in the list of top universities/colleges of the world. According to QS ranking, many colleges/universities of Germany are in the top list of high standard universities/colleges. For example Heidelberg University and Humboldt University of Berlin comes in the top 100 universities of the world. You can check the list of German colleges and universities here. Universities and colleges can be found according to their ranks here.

Consultants for Germany in India

It is necessary to contact some consultant of you are planning to join some international university/college. There are many consultants in India, working for the provision of latest information Visa for interested candidates. But not all of them are experienced and registered. So if you don’t want the wastage of your time and money then properly select the consultant who can guide you and can help to get Visa. Some of the good consultants are:

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  • It is always necessary to contact some study abroad consultants of you are planning to join some international college or university

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