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Cleanliness is next to godliness

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

“Cleanliness and order are not a matter of instinct; they are matter of education and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them.”

We are the children of mother nature. It has gifted us aura and aroma. It has given us blissful atmosphere, fresh air, and beautiful natural bodies to admire. It is our duty to keep it clean and healthy. We get every natural resources for free so we cannot waste it by degrading it’s value and importance. There was a world were everything was nature oriented, it did not have much facilities or luxuries but had satisfaction and happiness. The world that we live in is not the same, we live in a modernized society that has this urban culture with all sort of fancy technologies and luxuries. We for the sake of more convenience and luxurious lifestyle harm the nature by spreading dirt and filth everywhere. Cleanliness is next to Godliness as it is said we need to remember that god has given us certain gifts and by keeping it clean we are paying it back.

How to maintain cleanliness?

All we need to do on our end is maintain cleanliness around ourselves; be it the society in which we live, the streets that we visit or any premises that we enter. The first step from our side would be not spreading dirt and second would be sharing and spreading the same idea to others. We need to start from scratch, first from our own house. If we cultivate a habit to keep our wardrobe, bedroom and everything else in our home clean then we would not ourselves like when anything around us is dirty. We would try to remove it if it is in our hands. We can always throw away the wrapers and trash surrounding us in the dustbin. ‘Does it make a difference?’, you may ask. It definitely does, every littlest effort has an impact and value. If we want to change something we got to start from ourselves. If the word is sread on a large scale then definitely world will be a better place to live on.

Why cleanliness is so important?

We have been blessed by god to have seen such beauty around us. It is therefore necessary to appreciate and maintain the beauty. We would keep cribbing as how dirty our country but why not take a step forward. It is not just to change our lookout or vision towards our own country. It is letting the nature remain as unpolluted and dirt free as we received. That is one thing but also that every city and country should be a tourist attraction, it should be that clean and alluring. We love to go to countries out of India because of the discipline and how clean their country is. We admire that but we as an individual never take a step forward. Cleanliness is some sort of wonder to us which should not be the case actually and the reason to find it wonder is because that we all our life have been surrounded by dirt and trash. It is the basic and very normal kind of thing to keep things clean. Cleanliness also avoids spread of various disease. It also avoids problem of soil erosion, pollution and global warming. A clean city, country or maybe the entire world becomes a place you would love to live in. We should remember that what god can give, he can snatch it back as well. Let not that day come ever and believe in keeping city green and clean.

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