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Importance of Highways

What are highways?
We all are very well-known with this term “Highway” and what it stands for. A road which makes the journey without barriers and leaves you with your thoughts while eyes gazing at the endless sky. Thus, Every long drive makes the rendezvous between us and highways deeper.
While according to Oxford this words is defined as “A main road, especially one connecting major towns or cities.”

About NHAI
In India, National highways Authority of India (NHAI) is the agency which looks after the wear and tear and the construction of highways in the country. It is an autonomous agency set up in 1988, with an aim of developing national highways.

Though these highways take away plenty of money from our pockets yet we never refuse to take a ride on it. So, let’s have a look on all the reasons which makes it so vital for us:


Economic development: The creation of new highways generates large no. of employment. These jobs are generated in both the skilled and unskilled sectors. The highways also link small cities to large cities which offer a great market for financial activities. According to few researchers there is a direct correlation in progress of the highway construction and GDP growth. After the construction of highways Govt. charge a heavy toll from all vehicles to make out for the maintenance cost. These tolls last longer than the required time and thus add revenue in the Governments account.

Saves fuel: The ride through highways shortens our distance and increases the speed to reach the destination. Hence, less fuel is required. Less fuel means saving fuel and money. This process can also be termed as cruise control.

An obstruction free ride: The golden quadrilateral which is a highway route connecting Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. This highway has immensely solved the problem to reach these topmost metropolitans of India with ease. The accidents and gradual damages to vehicles caused by low quality vehicles also reduced.   

Lifeline for Automobile industry: To carry heavy freights and raw materials from suburbs to urban areas with ease, usage of highways has become very crucial. In fact highways have become the most prominent mode of transporting goods. The time-effective nature of highways helps the driver to load perishable goods in their vehicles and carry it. Due to its cost and time effective benefits more and more industries are getting attracted to set up in rural areas.

Time-effective: Due, to the unobstructive nature, highways helps in gaining high average speed. Highways are free from potholes and rough surface which also helps in gaining a required speed.
Nagpur-Aurangabad expressway in Maharashtra, which is known as NH-6, helps in saving 65 km distance between the two cities and the travel time of nearly one-and-half hours.

Highways are a necessity to further widen the connectivity between rural and urban regions. It is also a pioneer for the economy of a nation.
There is no denial after looking at all these important factors of highways that they do increase our love to take ride on them. So, who is ready to catch a ride on a highway?

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