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Edupedia World Review : Best Education Portal

Wondering what Edupedia World exactly is? Edupedia World is an Indian venture that was recently introduced by a young and inspiring entrepreneur, Abhigya Sagar. Its main aim is to provide free online education which is of good quality. Its motto is to create an education based virtual world where people can look up a lot of informative subjects. It fills the learning gaps that are present in the real-world classroom teaching. Many a times, students would not be able to grasp the concept immediately in classroom learning.

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In only about a year of operation, Edupedia World has uploaded over 4000 educational videos that gather a million views, especially through their YouTube channel. They have also gained thousands of subscribers which makes them stand as one of the largest free MOOC in the world. The main element that increases their viewer base is their amazing quality content that is frequently updated. This proves to be a pretty flexible and easy solution for learning. Moreover, as it is in the form of videos, the understanding capacity is hugely improved. The main advantage of this system is that you can simply sit back at home, relax and learn at the same time.

How it works:

The Edupedia family mainly consists of well qualified faculties for various subjects. Thereby, there is assurance that the study materials are prepared by qualified professionals and are of very good quality. The service is genuine and the company sticks to its principles regarding the quality of the materials. To ensure transparency, a brief profile of every faculty member is also provided on the website. The company also offers career counseling and admission discounts for students at various business schools all over India.

Edupedia World provides a variety of topics to study about. It is not just limited to common topics. It also deals with information that is uncommon and is of high value. It offers topics like Computer Applications, management, engineering, foreign language center, high school subjects, higher secondary subjects, famous personalities and events etc. However, the topics are much wider in scope. It provides study materials for specialty courses like Chartered Accountancy, SAP modules and JEE. Every subject has a range of sub-topics. Under Computer Applications, you can find sub topics like C Programming, JAVA, HTML etc. Under Management, you can find sub topics like Operations Management, Economics, Accounting for Management etc. The foreign language section puts forward many languages like Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian etc. A lot of famous personalities are also covered as a part of the online education system.

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High school learning extensively covers subjects like mathematics, English grammar, history, economics, biology etc. The higher secondary module goes ahead to cover deeper divisions such as botany, civics, zoology etc. Edupedia World also consists of its own blog page where you can get to know the pros and cons of e-learning. This way, you would be well-informed with e-learning and hence can go with the current trends. Edupedia World also has a twitter page. So if you are on Twitter, follow @EdupediaWorld for regular updates. You can also connect with Edupedia World on YouTube and Facebook. The website is not just limited to the subjects that you wrap up as a part of your school or college syllabus. You can also browse the site to find various uncommon subjects or computer applications. Additional qualifications like learning a computer programming language adds to your credits on your Resume. Edupedia World is always at your aid, right at home. You just have to look up the home page and pick the computer application that you want to learn or master. Considering mathematics for that matter, you can also find Vedic mathematics as a part of the online learning system. This highlights the uniqueness of the website.

Education is a two-way system. So it is not just limited to learning. If you think you possess adequate knowledge and if you wish to offer a piece of your wisdom to the society, you can also apply to teach for the viewers in the website. There is a separate column present in the website where you can apply for teaching. For any further queries, you can go to the “contact us” column of the website. There, you can enter the query that would be answered in the form of an email. The website’s main mission is to enhance the present education system by giving a web-portal platform for all education information needs. All the study materials present on the website comes for free and aims at supporting students to give a better performance academically. The aspect of high flexibility tends to enrich the learning process completely.

That’s how simple learning has become. It can now be availed at your fingertips by downloading the Edupedia World application from either Google Playstore or Apple App store. Start following Edupedia World by subscribing to their YouTube channel or by visiting to start learning for absolutely free!

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