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Effect of Political Advertising ! Boon or Ban ?

Effect of Political Advertising ! Boon or Ban

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Effect of Political Advertising

Political campaign means to spread political views of a specific political party. Many politicians run their political campaign before elections and they hire specialists for this purpose. The purpose of political campaign is to encourage people to vote for a specific political party. They influence people to vote them and they will work for them. Political campaign advertising is now very common in the world. There are thousands of political parties which try to gain the attraction of people and want to rule over the country. There are some political groups which are no doubt working in the right way but many political groups are only there to make money and power. But it is becoming a trend now to start political campaigns especially near elections.

Effect of Political Advertising

Advantages of Political Advertising

Political campaign advertising has both good and bad effects but bad effects dominate over good effects. Political campaign starts by pasting stickers, posters and banners on the walls and roads showing the picture of political leader and his main supporters. Then this campaign spreads all over the city and country thus promoting specific political thoughts and views. It results in contradictions and disputes all over the country because many political groups start advertisements at the same time. These feuds then spread in between the societies and badly affect the relationships. It is observed that the support of a political party may result in the disruption of relationships in family. So it can be imagined that how adversely these political campaigns affect the societies.

DisAdvantages of Political Advertising

Political campaign advertisements also effect the development of a country. When a political party is running its campaign then it tries to block the roads and organize rallies which result in the loss of a whole business day. The disputes resulting from these campaigns effect the economy and then in blasphemy of whole country at the international level. So all the political campaign advertisements must be stopped but if these campaigns are necessary then there must be a polite and decent way to run political campaigns to prevent the possible bad effects.


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