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My Mother : Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Composition, Cue Card

My Mother : Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Composition, IELTS Cue Card

IELTS CUE CARD : Describe a person that you admire !

You should say :

  • who this person is
  • how you knew this person
  • what you like to do together
  • why you admire this person

Essay on Mother

We might have met up with a lot of people all through our life, yet people depart and life still goes on as what it was earlier. But some put down a deep impact on our lives and ideology.

The person that I admire the most

The person that I admire the most is nobody other than my mother. I have a high regard for her as she own most of the traits that we should contain in order to be successful in life.

My Mother : Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Composition, IELTS Cue Card

My Mother : Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Composition, IELTS Cue Card

One of the most charming qualities she acquires is her authenticity. When you meet a genuine person, they are likely to look you straight in the eye and many times they touch you in order to bond. That is how she exchanges her thoughts with others. She doesn’t have the typical walls up that many other people have in their lives. She seems to contact every person in a manner where one can instantly unite with her. She traverses all obstacles and has the capability to bond with others and spread out great compassion to others. It’s more or less like she has an additional sense (sixth- sense) for which all the mothers are well-known. She never imitates to be faultless but anything she tells you are coming straight away from the bottom of her heart.

Why Mother is Favorite Person ? (Speech on Mother)

My mom is the person who has always been by my side, the one whom I can count on, the person that will never turn her back on me. The one who support s, assists, hugs, kisses, provide me confidence, ease, listens, makes me giggle, cheers me up and wipes my tears when I am down. She will certainly be the one that I constantly admire and adore the most.

She has been very tolerant with me and supports me in every decision of my life. She has done a lot to enhance my self-assurance and self-worth. She does not scold when I fall short in something; in its place she will comfort me and make me feel positive by narrating tales about her own breakdowns and also her achievements all through life to motivate me to do better. She makes all sorts of sacrifices, for the sake of her children’s happiness. She has always been my supply of encouragement and a pillar of influence.

Composition on My Mother

Without a doubt, my mom is the most splendid person in my life because she by no means gives up on us or herself. I wish someday I could be as fine as her and have all her virtues: tender, kind, nurturing and loving. My mom is the motive I look forward into the future instead of back to the history.

Mother is a delightful gift to man. She is a personification of warmth and love. My mother leads a life of serving others and sacrificing for others. She has been serving me since the moment of my birth. Therefore, I owe a large deal to her. A mother’s debt can never be paid back.

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