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Cow : Essay, Speech, Composition [My Favorite Animal]

The cow is a very respected animal in India. People in India worship Cow as their mother. The cow is a very holy animal they say that all gods and goddesses live in Cows. The cow is My Favourite Domestic Animal. The cow has 4 legs, 2 horns, 1 tail. It gives us milk. It falls in the mammal category eats grass. Every part of Cow is very important.

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Cow milk is a very good source of protein and other nutrition. Cow dung is also used as fuel to make fire. Even people also take the Gau Muttra as medicine. People worship Cows at the festivals and feed them.

The cow is a very noble animal. The baby of Cow is called calf it is very cute also. They like to play also. Their son is useful in farming they are very strong they called bulls. They are true friends of farmers. Farmers plow their farms with them.

Cow milk is very tasty and also useful in making cheese, pander, yogurt, butter, buttermilk, etc. But now people are becoming greedy they want more milk and so they drug them so which disturbs their health. Even they don’t give them enough food so Cow eats from garbage and sometimes eats plastic bags which causes death to them.

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