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Why Tattoos are in Style & What They Do Express?

Why Tattoos are in Style & What They Do Express?

Why Tattoos are in Style & What They Do Express? : Fashion is the name of change, and style is a kind of fashion. With the existence of human being on earth, fashion and style exists in different forms depending upon the advancement of the thoughts of human being. The era in which we are living is at the peak of modernism, fashion and style. There are many things which represent style and fashion. Different styles also depict different traditions, rules and customs. The fashion and style represents the traditions, religious values, rules, habits and thoughts. Fashion and style vary region to region but some fashions never change nor do they vary region to region.

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Why Tattoos are in Style & What They Do Express?

History of Tattooing

Tattoo making also comes in the category of style. Many people adopt this kind of style and modify it in different ways. The history of tattooing is very old because this tattooing is practices since the Neolithic times. Tattooing is usually followed by carving the skin and making some specific shapes or words. Tattoo is not only the name of a style but usually they also have some special meaning, some representation, or specific views of a specific group. The representation of specific thoughts and groups by making tattoo was very common in past but now, people like to have tattoos without any specific reason and just for the sake of style and fashion.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tattoos

Many people like carved tattoos but others like to have sticker like tattoo which do not harm. Some people put tattoos even in young age representing some meaning or thought. But many other people put tattoo at older ages for fashion or representation. It has been observed that people which belong to some gangs or groups have specific kinds of tattoos according to the motto of that gang. Many gangsters also caught by these specific tattoo on their bodies. Girls also like to make tattoos on their arms, hands, back or on their face for the sake of fashion.


Trend of Tattooing

There is also a trend of making tattoos for representing love and affection for a specific person or group. People carve the name of their lover on their body and show their love to that person. Tattoos can be in the form of sentences, words, flowers, some logo, or some animal. It all depends upon the interest and need of the person. So tattoos in style are common to some extent.

Despite of the fashion, style and meaning of tattoo, medical science restricts to make tattoos because they are the major source of contamination thus leading to fatal diseases. So if you like to have tattoos on your body then make sure you are not playing with your health. Sticker like tattoo are better than carved ones.

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