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Essay on Air pollution | Effect of Air Pollution

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Air is a mixture of gases. There is no such definition of what is called clear air. It has dust particles too. There are inert gases mixed in traces in the air. Therefore we can define non polluted air as a mixture of all those compositions and other particulate matters in a definite proportions such that it is not harmful for the environment at all. Air pollution will be measured according to the distortions and it’s effects on the environmental balance. Air pollution is rather complicated to define. We can however define air pollutants. Air pollutants are those materials existing in concentrations that will cause unwanted effects.

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Pollutants can arise from nature too. But the effects are not much and can be considered negligible as compared to what man made pollutants do. Pollutants are of either gaseous or particulate nature. Gaseous pollutants can be high concentrations of oxides of sulphur, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, etc. These are exhaust gases of vehicles, industrial chimneys, etc. They cause respiratory problems, nausea, headache, etc. Combustion of natural gas, coal and petroleum also contribute a lot to pollution.

Particulate pollutants arises from fumes, mist, spray, smoke, etc.

There is no end of diseases which these pollutants can cause to humans. They effect the plants and animals too. Effects on materials could be such as corrosion of building materials. Pollutants damages the atmosphere causing ozone layer depletion. Global warming is also an effect of increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the air.

Prevention of air pollution is a complicated topic too. It is impracticable to provide at reasonable cost all the growing needs and amenities of modern life without causing any pollution. But it can be controlled and prevented upto some extent by careful planning and siting of industries, better design equipments and better operation of the equipment. The industrial and other processes should be specified and should operate under supervision by control authorities. The types of emission should be kept minimum. More research works are necessary to obtain more information on methods of significantly reducing the quantity of pollutants discharged from special processes.

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