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Family is the strongest bond of beautiful and genuine relationships anybody can ever have. For a person to have extreme confidence and courage towards facing any kind of situations of life is only possible if you believe that you always have someone behind your back; which is your beautiful family. Family is the only relationships that will standby you when you desperately need someone beside you to share your sorrows, happiness, excitement and all sorts of emotions. Every family follows their own peculiar traditions and customs which will be followed generations after generations.


My beautiful family consists of 6 main members. First and foremost is my grandmother who brought me up and made me this peculiar. My grandfather is the most dignified and respectful personality I have ever seen in this world but unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to even meet him. Then, it’s my parents who showered their love and care immensely on me since I was their last kid. Finally, it’s my sweet sister whom I love to the core but I also do love to irritate her at times.  I also have a special relation which is my bigger brother who is not my blood brother but he means more than what a blood brother would have meant to be in my life.


My grandmother is a very bold personality which makes me admire her so much. She was a single parent and she had managed to raise two kids all alone. I would say hats off to her courage as she had to start from the scratch to raise her two kids. She is the boldest woman I could ever think of in this world. She taught me the values of how a woman should be in this world and that a woman should never be down anyone as women are much stronger than men in all aspects according to my grandmother. I have always looked up to her and built my courage and confidence by admiring her character.


I would definitely say that I have got the best parents anyone could ever get or will get in the future boldly and also without any doubts. I still remember how protective my dad used to be while doing anything in my life even for a simple road crossing he would never leave my finger. Actually though am 22 years old now he still does that and I just love that protective feeling my dad gives me at all time. My mother is a gem of a person who knows that I will never take no for an answer for anything hence she has always said yes to me for whatever I ask. My parents are very open minded and modernized.


I do know that my sister loves me a lot but she used to feel jealous of the love I got from my parent. That’s commonly seen in all siblings though but only after our teen years my sister the value and worth of a sister and that’s when our relationship eventually blossomed into a beautiful rose. We have shared so many peculiar moments together such as the moments when I never used to get down the school bus without kissing the sweet cherry looking cheeks of my sister. There was one moment in life when I realized the amount of love my sister had for me, when I fell on the drain rails and broke my tooth and came to my sister I started hugging her with all the blood pouring from my mouth. The amount of pain which I had was nothing when I saw how she cried and prayed to god to cure my pain immediately that is when I realized her love for me.


My brother is actually my mother’s elder sister’s son. He has been there for me when I desperately needed some brotherly love and care. There are no perfect words to actually tell what my brother is and why he is so much important to me. I am literally blank as this one article won’t be enough for telling all that my brother’s for me. All I can say is that he is far better than a blood related brother as his affection for me is the most purest and genuine one.

This is the entire summary of my precious family.

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