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Family is the strongest bond of beautiful and genuine relationships anybody can ever have. For a person to have extreme confidence and courage towards facing any kind of situations of life is only possible if you believe that you always have someone behind your back; which is your beautiful family. Family is the only relationships that will standby you when you desperately need someone beside you to share your sorrows, happiness, excitement and all sorts of emotions. Every family follows their own peculiar traditions and customs which will be followed generations after generations.


People with a family may or may not know the importance of a family. Only the person who does not have a family or is separated from his family for a specific reason or a person who comes from a broken family will know the true importance of a family. Families are the best god given gifts. We need a family so that we will never feel alone at any situations. A family will always protect you even if you’re the culprit for the mistake. A family will always ensure that you’re safe and sound. When a person has to share his/her grief, happiness, sorrow and all sorts of emotions family is the best friend to sit with you and give you the right kind of advice. Family members never put a fake face or shed a crocodile tear just to please you or get your friendship or love and affection. A family will always tell it right to your face if it is wrong or right. As I told before family is the best god given gift which will nurture and mold us into a respectful and diligent person to shine peculiar in this competitive world of ours.


According to the number and size of the family there are two types of family:

  • Nuclear Family
  • Joint Family

According to the values and customs followed there are two types of family:

  • Traditional Family
  • Modernized Family


Nuclear family consists of only around four to five members. Nuclear family consists of only the parents and their kids. Joint family consists of many relations living together under the same roof. Joint family will consist of 20 to 30 members living together. Different families of the same blood living together jointly are called as a joint family.


  • Privacy will be obtained
  • Decisions can be taken within the family without the interference of anyone else
  • Freedom will be obtained in doing anything and following any sort of customs and values
  • If there are any fights or misunderstandings in the family it will be resolved within the four walls of the family
  • Information will not be spread around


  • A feeling of loneliness will be there in desperate times of need
  • No one will be there to give you their opinions to help you make the right decisions for the problems that arise.
  • No proper traditional values and customs followed will lead to improper child nurturing
  • Cannot feel the bondage, love and affection showered by all relations


  • No feeling of Loneliness
  • Food and love is always more than abundant at all times
  • Children will be nurtured in the best manner with the best mannerism
  • Respect for women will be more
  • The immense love and care showered upon everyone at times of desperate needs


I really can’t think of any disadvantages as I have always wanted to be brought up in a Joint family. Hence, I do strongly believe that joint family is way better than nuclear family in all aspects.


I always believe in the fact that no matter what and whatever a family is a family through and though. Learn to appreciate and respect your family while they are still there with you. Cherish each and every moment you spend with your family with lots and lots of love. Lastly, love yourself and god for having such a astonishing family by your side at all moments.

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