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Essay on True Friendship | Paragraph on True Friendship

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The great roman orator, Cicero, in his celebrated treatise on friendship remarks with truth that it increases happiness and diminishes misery by the doubling of our joy and the division of our grief. When we do well, it is delightful to have friends who are so proud of our success that they receive as much pleasure from it as we do ourselves. For the friendless man the attainment of wealth, power and honor is of little value. Such possessions contribute to our happiness most by enabling us to do well to other, but if all those whom we are able to benefit are strangers, we take far less pleasure in our beneficence that if it were exerted on behalf of friends whose happiness is as dear to us as our own.


Further when we do our duty in spite of temptation, the mental solidification obtained from the approval of our consciousness is heightened by the praise of our friends.  True friends always forbid from the evil and urge to do well. A true friend scolds like a brother and fight like a sister. We can find the beauty of every relationship in a sincere friend. The qualities of a sincere and true friend are infinite, which cannot be explained in words. If we start explaining the value of true friendship, it will take un predictable time.

One who has a sincere friend; he is blessed with the beauty of relationships. We can recognize a true friend by his little deed, for example if we are doing something wrong, our friend will stop us doing that but if he is not sincere with us, he will encourage us to continue doing bad. this is the very important character of a true friend. True friendship is like a protective shade, where we can shed our tears as well as celebrate our joys.

It is the message for our young generation that beware of enemy like friends, and observe keenly that who is taking you to the right and who is taking you to the wrong. One, who tells you the right path, is your true friend.

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