How to Apply For Birth Certificate In India (Online or Offline ) ?

How to Apply For Birth Certificate In India?

Apply For Birth Certificate In India : We all know the importance of birth certificate in our country. It is the first identification of the new born in the country as its citizen. It is required for getting admission in school, getting a voter ID or getting a marriage certificate. The problem faced by the people is they don’t know the correct procedure to get the birth of their child registered authenticate and get the correct birth certificate. Here we had shared how to apply for birth certificate in India (Online or Offline).

why-birth-certificate-is-important-document-in-india | How to Apply For Birth Certificate In India (Online or Offline ) ?

Offline Application for Birth Certificate in India

In India, the Registrar General, is the central authority which records and monitors all this process of registration and issuance of birth certificates according to the provisions of Registration of Births and Death Act, 1969. There are Chief Registrars, in the States which administers the birth registration process in the cities and villages.

The parents need to register the birth of their child within 21 days in the nearest either in the Municipal Offices or panchayats or hospitals. The documents needed to be presented to the authorities for offline application for birth certificate in India are :

  1. Marriage Certificate of the parents.
  2. Valid Photo Identity Proof of both the parents
  3. The  letter from hospital which verifies the birth of child

So after getting all these documents the steps which needed to be further followed are:

  1. Get a birth certification registration form from the Local Municipal Corporation office.
  2. Submitting the letter of hospital along with the duly filled form and other documents.
  3. The authorities will then verify all the details filled in the form.
  4. After a week or so they will give you the birth certificate offline in India.

Example of How to Apply For Birth Certificate In India (Online or Offline ) ?:

If you are living in Chennai then you can obtain a birth certificate from your local municipal corporation office. You can get Chennai Corporation Birth Certificate from Chennai. In addition to, If you are living in surat then you can obtain Surat Municipal Corporation Birth Certificate Online or offline.

It is to be noted that step 1 and 2 have to be completed within 21 days from the birth of the child.

Birth Certificate in India Online

Sec4 (1) of the Citizenship Act, 1955 provides for the registration of the birth of the child. One needs to log on to the website of the Home Ministry of India and needs to follow the instructions as given there.  There is detailed guideline which clearly explains all the requirements to help the applicants to apply birth certificate online in India.

Birth registration is the right of every child and it should be provided to him at all cost so that they can lead a happy and prosperous life. The  evils of child trafficking and early marriage which are snatching away the childhood from lakhs of children in India can only be tackled effectively if all the parents get the birth of their child registered. Birth certification in just not only a safeguard but  an identification of a new citizen within the geographical boundries of the country who is entitled to all rights each citizen of India is entitled too.This is the ways you can obtain birth certificate online in India.

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