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How to Attempt Paper/Exam Successfully?

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]Here I want to share some tips to attempt paper. You can get excellent marks if you follow these guidelines.[/box]


1) Read carefully

First , one must read the question paper carefully, but don’t waste much time on it.just read it and think which one you can attempt without any trouble.

2) Use lead pencil

Mostly papers are comprised of two parts, one objective type and one subjective type. Objective type papers have multiple type questions(MCQs) and fill in the blanks usually. Use lead pencil first to solve such type of questions so you can change your answer if needed after reviewing. But erase it before time 😀

3) Short questions

First attempt short questions i.e the questions whose answer is no more than 3 to 4 lines or one paragraph , then attempt long ones. Because short questions contain more percentage of marks and take less time. If you attempt long questions first, you will have shortage of time.

4) Maintain timing

Most important thing in attempting a paper is to properly maintain time. Always wear a wrist watch during exam and divide the given time according to the paper portions. If you have allowed 3 hours to attempt the paper and paper has two portions then take 7-10 minutes to read the paper, 15-20 minutes to MCQ type questions, 30-50 minutes to short questions and then one and half hour to long questions.

5) Hand writing

Handwriting play a very important role in your grade. Good and clear handwriting has a good influence on the paper checker/examiner , while bad and blur type handwriting has a very bad impact on examiner. Write clear and neat, you will get good grades. One of my fellows was not much intelligent and hardworking but she had a very good handwriting , and she got A grade mostly.

6) Use Headings and paragraph

Use headings and bullet points according to need. If you have to write explanation about something, its better to divide it in some headings otherwise ,use bullets. Some times, there are questions like “differentiate between, compare both etc” , good way to solve such questions is to draw a line in the middle and write on both side about the things which you have to differentiate.

7) Proof Reading

Must read your whole paper after attempting all questions, you’ll find some mistake. Correct them but don’t make crowed on the paper, it will look horrible otherwise 😛 .

8) Avoid cheating

Some students use different ways to cheat , for example try to look on others paper, use any gadget or write answers on their hand. I advise you, please don’t cheat, its you future. If you caught cheating, you can be arrested. 😀

9) Don’t confuse

During exam, don’t confuse , it will be bad for you. If you don’t know the answer of some questions, leave them , and try to attempt them at the end.
Hope these tips will work for the students

Happy exams 

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