How to Help Students to Learn Effectively?

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Effective learning has always been a tough task for students everywhere as most of them find it it difficult to identify the learning objective precisely. Teachers and parents often find it difficult to fully integrate the knowledge into students because of the largely monotonous or boring syllabus that runs in the education system. But we all know how important it is to educate despite the many hurdles in the process.

A lot can be done by both teachers and parents to help students learn effectively and understand the concepts of the educational input they receive both in class and through their NCERT Books or study material. A road map or a lesson plan can come a long way in helping students obtain feedback and develop strategies on learning.

School teachers have often conveyed that when students get into flow, the teacher’s job gets much easier as they don’t have to work too hard to get them involved in the lesson. The more interested, excited and involved students are in the class the less frustrating and tiring it is for the teachers.

Let’s take a look at few methods that can help students learn effectively.

Active-Learning Environment

To impart flow into the students, teachers can start a project-based, active learning environment. Since students spend most of the school days in their classrooms, they can get a bit irritated with the everyday surrounding. Teachers can impart a new kind of theme in their classrooms every day or every week depending on the topic or subject they are teaching. When the surroundings show students a glimpse of what they are learning, they can relate and understand them much better.

Engage with Students

In a 40 minute classroom session with 60-70 students, it can get a bit difficult to engage with all of them. So teachers can come up with ways to involve each and every students in the lesson being taught by either organising fun activities in class, or forming groups of two or three assigning them with projects based on the topic being taught in the class like picking out different Types of Soil. Students can come up with they have learnt by presentations etc.

Focus on Learning rather than teaching what is right or wrong

Most teachers tend to teach focus on pinpointing what is wrong and what is right instead of explaining them the gist of the matter and why it is wrong or right. Students sometimes blindly answer without knowing the reason behind it, it is the teacher’s duty to explain the nature of the problem and why it is perceived as being right or wrong and also how they perceive it to be.

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