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MyUKmailbox is a parcel forwarding service that is available for people all over the world. It deals with receiving your mail or parcel from one end and forwarding it to another end, where you receive your parcel. It is basically an intermediary service which would help you cut down on your import costs. It helps you shop products online, or you could also buy something from your locality and forward it somewhere else (internationally). It’s highly useful for travelling or re-shipment purposes.

Steps involved in the forwarding process:

You all might have a strong desire to purchase products from online stores in UK, however at a nominal price. But then, a hitch that hits you in the middle is your location. Owing to your location, the total charges might end up multiplying. To avoid such an increase in your final price, you would love to opt for myUKmailbox!

  • Firstly, you need to subscribe for myUKmailbox. After you have subscribed, you will receive your own unique suite number in the warehouse of the company in UK.
  • Once you have selected your products and the order is placed, the next step is carried out in the warehouse. Once your product is received, a photograph is clicked and sent to you through email. After this is done, all your products are assembled together and put into a single shipment to save money.
  • For example, when you order things from websites like Amazon, Asos, eBay etc and then when all the items are placed in a single shipment and then forwarded to the customer’s location as a single unit. It ends up being an economic shopping method.

After you’re done creating an account, you would be able to track your shipment by checking its status. For this purpose, you will have to log in with your own unique username and password. myUKmailbox takes extra care when dealing with packaging and consolidating your products. The products are labeled neatly and documents like invoice, address labels, airway and shipment bills etc are attached with the package. This ensures prompt delivery of your items. The invoice and other related documents are scanned and emailed to the customer. Clear instructions are given to the customs department that in turn makes sure that the products are delivered through intermediaries, which are safe. Something important that is to be noted is that the international freight forwarding service starts at $11.50. It also offers a 10% discount on the next order if you recommend the service to someone else. You must check out the website. It contains everything including the telephone number and address of the main location. Your messages and queries are dealt with immediately.

What do the customers say?

myUKmailbox’s customers seem to be amazingly satisfied by the service! Almost everyone has rated the service with 5 stars! Let’s see why. The company offers fantastic service at a great and nominal pricing. Moreover, the customer service seems to be respectful, caring, and honest and deadlines are also perfectly followed, according to customers. This is the reason myUKmailbox, stands out with its head held high.

Plans and pricing:

  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Premium

Starter plan is generally perfect for one-time use and single freight shipment. Standard plan, on the other hand is well known with casual shoppers and multiple freight shipments. Standard plan is known to be the best along the three given plans. Premium plan goes well with those of you who shop quite often and also for business customers.

More about services offered:

  • Parcel forwarding– Freight forwarding helps customers import products from UK, perhaps all those products that they have always wanted, but only at a nominal rate! Once you’re done registering, you get your own unique UK street address. This service lets you receive packages through services like Royal Mail, DHL etc.
  • Photo service and online mailbox management- Photo service is a unique characteristic that is present in this service. It is what drags myUKmailbox one step above the rest of the services. Photos of high quality are also emailed to customers including the other documents.
  • Address book- This service is exclusive to premium members. Here, the members can have multiple addresses in order to gift their kith and kin with products from the UK!
  • Services include supermarket shopping, free storage and tracking. On request, your shipment could also be insured at economic prices. This feature is open to premium and standard customers. If you buy something which is unusually huge in size, it could still be forwarded! It can still be delivered through air/shipment service. It tends to be quite a cost- effective method.
  • BuyForMe service is available for those of you whose billing locations/addresses are not accepted by the online company you’re buying your products from. The company can also take delivery for products that are bought from outside of UK. This would be later, forwarded to you.

Do check out the blog present as a part of the website! You might get better ideas as to what to choose and what not to. All the above features gathered together make myUKmailbox.com the world’s best forwarding service. Normally, you tend to get a lot of parcel servicing companies, but myUKmailbox is the only economic and amazing freight forwarding service. Go for it!

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