How to Prepare Last Six Months Current Affairs for SSC Exams?

Staff Selection Commission conducts various recruitment exams throughout the year. In almost all exams current affairs topics are asked. The weightage of current affairs may vary from exam to exam. This section is very scoring if covered in a rational way. Through this article we will be covering the required rational strategy of covering current affairs topics.

The candidates face various hurdles while preparing for this section like the ability to retain the content and many more. Therefore a best fit strategy is a must which can overcome all the hurdles. The preparation of current affair topics can be done easily and effectively by keeping following points in mind:-

  • The topics to be covered: – Although the list of topics is vast but there are certain topics which holds maximum weightage. Therefore topics must be prioritized as per weightage in exam.
  • Consistency in Reading Newspaper: – The candidates should read newspaper regularly and try to focus only on the important topics only.
  • The concise and to the point study material: – Availability of too many resources leads to confusion. The candidates must make a smart choice in selecting the material. Your study material must be well researched, concise and to the point.
  • Your hand-written precise notes: – Most of the candidates skip one important part of strategy and that is preparing hand written notes. Although it may seems to be outdated methodology in today’s era of internet. But this is the most effective way of retaining content.
  • Regular revisions: – One cannot expect hundred percent retention of content. The candidates must do regular revisions on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Quizzes to practice and check level of preparation: – Every effective strategy has check point to ensure the quality. The candidates must take quizzes after every topic. This is helpful in knowing your level of preparation.

The topics of current affairs in SSC CGL are huge in number but there are limited numbers of on which the candidates are required to focus for better results; therefore the selection of topics is very crucial. In order to help you in selecting important topics the list of topics has been compiled in a table given below:-


How to approach these topics (Last six months)

Government Schemes and Policies

The government schemes and policies have direct impact on economy. Therefore these schemes and policies are of high importance. In exams questions can be asked like:-

What D denotes in PMJDY

Facts and figures related to launch of new schemes:-

The venue of launch

Ranking of States in implementing these schemes

Brand Ambassador of scheme if any

Target date of scheme, amount allocated etc.

PM visits and MoUs signed

India is signing large number of MoUs with various countries, Companies and International Organizations, therefore the questions can be asked from these MoUs. The visits of PM and other important politicians are of high importance.

The questions can be asked like:-

In which field India signed MoUs with any country

In which city has PM recently visited

In which city recently Indian president visited

Collaborations of India with various countries

Important Committees

The government constitutes committees for analyzing changes required in existing system. These are of high importance in examination point of view. The questions can be asked like:-

Head of the committee

The purpose of committee

The points purposed by committee

Time duration

Books and Authors

The questions may be asked from the recently published famous books. The candidates should cover following books:-

Books written by any famous writer

Books written by any Sports person

Books written by any Politician

Books written by any famous Bollywood or Hollywood star

Books written by any successful Businessman

Books written on any controversial topic

Any book nominated for any famous prize.

Capital and Currency

Now days the capital and currency are asked for those countries which were recently in news. Try to remember name of powerful persons of that country also.


All national and international events of sports and cultural importance are asked in exams. The candidates can get an idea from events given below:-

Olympics to be held- Both summer and winter

Asian games

FIFA World Cup

ICICI World Cup

Hockey World Cup

Film fare Awards

BRICS Summit

G20 Summit

G 7 Summit

New Appointments

Almost every banking exam asks questions from new appointments are asked. The candidates should go through all new appointments very carefully. Since there may be large number of new appointments, the candidates should focus on following:-


E-commerce and other important private entities

Global appointments like IMF, World Bank, WHO, UN, ADB, NDB etc

Important positions of countries in news.

Themes and Taglines

Now a day’s themes and taglines are assigned to currently going on events or days of international or national importance. The questions can be asked in exam where you have to tell the theme and tagline of a particular event

Awards and Ceremonies

All national and International awards and ceremonies are of high importance. Some of them are:-

National Film Awards

National Awards

Nobel Prizes

Grammy awards

Booker Prize

Oscar Awards

BAFTA Awards etc.


The obituaries of famous personalities can be asked in exam, such as:-

Famous cricketer, National and International

Famous Writer or Journalist

Famous Musician

Famous Singer

Famous Actor or Actress

Famous Politicians

Natural Calamities

Hurricanes and other natural calamities of high magnitude are asked in exam. The name of hurricane changes from one country to another therefore the questions can be asked where a particular name is given and you have to find the country.

These are the important topics to be covered, once the syllabus is covered start taking sectional mock tests and quizzes. If you wish to be updated regarding all the SSC exams, download gradeup app.

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