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Importance of Parental Guidance : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Importance of Parental Guidance : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Introduction of Parental Guidance

Importance of Parental Guidance : The family is the primary social institution one is born into. In this context, parents include biological and adoptive parents, guardians and custodial grandparents. A child comes into this world in the form of a tabula rasa (a clear slate) and acquires everything through its life span. Primary knowledge of what is right and what is wrong are learnt through the parent’s instructions and advice from a very young age.

Importance of Parental Guidance : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Importance of Parental Guidance

Importance of Parental Guidance

It is through constant parental guidance that one’s life is shaped and it also defines what one is about to become. Guidance could be of any form. The parental guidance could be through constant advice and instructions or by setting themselves as an example for the children. Either way, the child’s thoughts and understanding of the world is altered. The degree to which the parents do the same also matters and the characteristics seen in the children as a result of the this guidance also varies from one child to another with variation in the degree. To set in the right track, one child may need constant guidance while another may get affected because of constant intervention. However, no guidance from the parents would mean, a lost child in the city (not literally a city, but amidst the hustle and bustle of life events). With parenting rights come responsibilities. Responsibly nurturing and caring for the child has a massive impact on the child’s growth and development as well as their performance. Instilling the values of the family and sharing the practices of religious beliefs with their children and monitoring the child’s activities and behaviors, while encouraging age-appropriate autonomy are key aspects to this guidance. Parents have got to be cautious about how they balance their authority and protect the child’s rights at the same time. Along with all of this, the role of the parents is also to impart the fundamental rights onto the children just so that they can face the world boldly

Scientific Findings on the Importance of Parental Guidance

Scientific findings say that children and adolescents have immature brain development indicating need for strong parental guidance in decision making. It also says that children are less involved in high risk behaviours when they are well connected with the parents and the parents play a significant role in constantly guiding their children. With this responsibility, it is not just the children benefiting from nurturing,attention and care, there are also changes seen in the caregivers. They grow and develop hand in hand.

Role of Society in Parental Guidance

The society that the child belongs to must be aware of the role of parents in the child’s upbringing and avoid intervention into this matter, unless the case is severe. Parental rights are fundamental and must be protected. Lack of which will lead to inability of parents to determine what is best for their children.

Conclusion on Importance of Parental Guidance

From all the points stated above, one can draw that different parenting forms exist and each of them having their own advantages and disadvantages. Different parenting styles are authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and uninvolved parenting. The degree of direct parental involvement decreases as one moves from authoritarian to uninvolved parenting, in the same order. Therefore, parental guidance is a strong pillar that must be set in every child’s upbringing.

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