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Depression Essay , Article, Paragraph , Speech

Depression Essay , Article, Paragraph , Speech & How to Overcome Depression ?

What is Depression ?

Depression is a state of mind and a condition. It is not quite a disease in itself. It can be said that depression exists when due to any reason somebody is emotionally very hurt and this negative state of mind in the long run leads to a depressed disposition, which in turn may result in a dwindling immune system, poor cardiovascular circulation.

Depression Essay , Article, Paragraph , Speech & How to Overcome Depression ?

Causes of Depression

There are many causes of depression and due to the rat race at present more and more people suffer from it. First cause could be hereditary. A troublesome childhood also can be a potential cause. Because such situation at a tender age is a big trauma and it effects the child later too. The loss of a near and dear one can also slide away the ground where one is standing. A person may become mad too.

Emotional factors are mainly responsible for depression. But sometimes an inadequate diet or devoid of the necessary trace elements for physical and mental development can also cause depression.

Factors for Depression

Stagnancy in personal relationship, infidelity by another partner, loneliness, unfulfilling conjugal relationship, etc. are increasing nowadays. And these drives the whole generation to fall into depression at some point or the other. Failure in career too causes depression.

Effects of Depression

Person suffering from these prognoses or any one of it in extreme becomes depressed and the result can be many complications and diseases. Some effects of depression are such as coronary heart failure, asthma, high blood pressure, constipation, suicidal tendency, predilection for alcohol and drug abuse and loss of mental balance and memory.

How to Overcome Depression ?

Depression and related problems can be controlled by certain methods. And the best and the first step is to recognize it ourselves and decide to change it. Because sometimes a person seems to get lost in negativity and that becomes an everyday affair. One has to be active in this regard and counter diseases and degeneration associated with depression.

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First of all the food habits should be made proper. Good food contributes to an elevated mood and this might fight the negativity of mind. Socializing is very necessary at such times. Instead of spending time alone counting the ifs and buts, we should spend more time with friends and divert our mind. Enjoying music nurtures the soul and it can be a great healer at our weak times such as that. One must try to connect with our inner self and unite with Almighty. Believing that everything happens for good is another positive trait that drives depression away. We should look for signs of depression among our near and dear ones and help them cope with it. However, after a person rebuilds themselves from depression, they emerge out strong and more resistant to emotional breakdowns such as it. There are many who fights depression alone. Let’s make sure we can help one.

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