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15 Life Skills Not Taught At School

15 Life Skills Not Taught At School

Life Skills Not Taught At School : School is a den of knowledge. It is the first place that taught us to hate the alphabets in mathematics or the tough Latin words in Biology. It also taught us various theorems and a couple of equations that I am still researching where to use. But that does not mean that school hasn’t taught me anything. It is the first place where I learn these alphabets, the first place that taught me to talk confidently in front of strangers. However, some lessons went missing from our school textbooks.

15 Life Skills Not Taught At School

Here are a few life skills that the 15 Life Skills Not Taught At School to teach us:

1# Bank Talks:


Alright. The first time anyone goes to a bank, you are most possibly to stand there in the middle. With a bunch of sections having a tag name that we can merely understand, bank is one of the most confusing places on the earth. If it for taking a loan or sending money, you need a 911 standard help to survive inside the bank.

2# Credit cards and Debit Cards:


How many of you have gone for shopping and not known the difference between credit cards and debit cards? I  have. For your information, debit cards, deduct money from the actual money you have. Credit cards give an amount that you owe in the future. Take care of yourself and the counter in a supermarket.

3# Home Repair


Broken chair? Broken clock? Broken leak? Call the plumber! Call the electrician! All this could be saved if you could do it by yourself. However, school has missed that too. Simple repair of small scale products can be very helpful and motivating for students at school level.

4# Self – Defence:


In this era of our world, self defence is necessary. Be it a boy or a girl. Defending your self is a skill worth practising. You never know when the wrong eyes set upon you.

5# Basic Marketing:


You don’t know what you are going to do at end. All you can do is learn. Every job or passion you follow, at some point is going to test you. It is going to test how well you can present a certain object or service in a market. And if you don’t market it properly, you are a goner.

6# Networking:


In today’s world, networking plays a huge milestone role. The more people you know the better. It is definitely a hand in hand term used for effective formal or informal communication. School has definitely taught us communication. I doubt the network part.

7# Applying for an Interview:


They asked us what you want to be when you grow up; they forgot to teach us what to do when we get there.

8# Time management:


With last due papers jotted for every single day in the calendar, time management is a most sought topic about the new people in the job market. Handling time can be very stressful.

9# Decide or Not Decide:


I have still not figure out how to make the right decision. School has definitely taught us the right from wrong. But I still find it nerve wrecking to make a decision now.

10# Emotional Intelligence:


They gave training for physical health. How about training for our emotions? We have come across frequent situations where we found it difficult to control our emotions. Keeping proper control will exercise to have a stronger brain.

11# Digital Manners:


Good manners. Taught. Digital manners? In this world where our generation lives day and night on the internet, certain amount of manners to be followed over the Web must be taught.

12# Failing Stones:


We are being appreciated for our success. This creates an inferiority amongst those who dint. Failure must be appreciated too and they should be motivated to do more, so that they don’t end up hating himself.

13# Survival Meter:


How far can you survive if lost in a desert? How to fish? Basic survival skills can be a new topic that we can introduce at schools.

14# Paying Taxes:


Making the budget and household financial decisions become s a priority once you are termed as a grown up. It becomes in your head to pay the taxes. With guidance, we can easily fix this problem for those who are still lost in that budget planning.

15# Negotiation


At some point of our lives we have to say NO boldly. Many cant say so because they believe it is going to hurt others. So dictionary has come up with negotiation, where both parties come to a compromise. The art of negotiation is not a easy learn. However, once learnt it’s worth it.

I do not blame the schools. They are the best places where I have the cherishing memories. School taught me that I can do beyond what I thought I was.

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