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Importance of Science and Technology

The age of Sci-Tech:

For a nation to develop, the enhancement in the field of science and technology (Sci-Tech) is very crucial.
A geographically small and less populated country, Japan is one of the most developed countries of the world due to the growth of Sci-Tech.
Science has given us the principles and rules which govern the forces of nature while technology has helped us in following those rules. Science made the scientists observe the surface of mars, its sign of erosion, and the vast polar caps which concluded that a life was or is possible on this planet. Here, technology did not sit back and tightened its seat belt to fly up in SLS rocket and landed on mars, to see if the life is possible.
The curiosity of scientists has resulted in the progress of technology. This advancement has made the lives of human beings easier and luxurious one.
The works of science and technology are equally proportional with each other.

Though, the era of Sci-Tech has filled the life with many kinds of leisure there counts equal no. of advantages and disadvantages for them:


1)Brought the world closer: Today all of us are so closely enveloped with Sci-Tech that this period looks like an age of Science. The widening of the field of science has also widened the mentality of the people, all over the globe. Today, people belonging to completely different spheres of life, interact and share their opinions in a healthy way. The prejudice for people from different community has reduced.

2) Daily activities could be done with leisure:  Today, thanks to this Sci-Tech we do not have to get up in the midst of an interesting conversation to plug in the charger of for our phones. The invention of Power-banks has made the work easier. The invention of gadgets has life simple and the working of them in various sectors an efficient one.

3) Quality of life has improved:  The discoveries of new life saving drugs and treatments of fatal diseases have increased the living condition of people. People are healthier thus, the life expectancy

4) World of knowledge expanded: In minutes, we can pool up our heads with the worldly knowledge with Google. The gates of this knowledge are open to all the strata of society. The internet does not require thousands or lakhs to enroll a person and provide information.


1) Invention of destruction: It is Sci-Tech who has come up with the inventions of nuclear bombs and destructive weaponry. Every day, thousands of innocent die from these destructive equipments.

2) Manual efficiency reduced: Man has become a slave to his gadgets which has made him more lazy and inefficient.  For instance, student’s first task after getting an assignment is to Google the assignment topic and look for the data to write. Here, when the person gets devoid of Google information, his assignment becomes poor and he might get stressed.

3) Environmental Degradation: Today whether is the phone in our handy or a huge public transportation in which we are sitting all affects the environment severely. The advancement in gadgets has increased the consumption level of electricity which demands for more water supply and wind mills while transportation modes has increased the level of air pollution in the environment.

4) Unemployment: The work of 30-40 people can be completed by a single machine. The Sci-Tech has increased the life expectancy levels in all the countries which means that population is the same or increasing but no. of employers required are decreasing. This is has left millions of people impoverished all over the world.

The Sci-Tech is a need for every individual today and there is no second thought that we can go back to the age where every work was manually done. But the Sci-Tech inventions which are eco-friendly is the need of hour.
Hope our scientists soon come up with the eco-friendly devices, till then let’s use the current ones judiciously.

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