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Indian Education System Essay , Article , Speech [Benefits-Drawbacks]

Indian Education System Essay , Article , Speech

Advantages and Disadvantages of Indian Education System

India being a developing country has to do a lot in the education sector. And this does not mean that its not progressing. India has come a long way and still has to come up to the rest of the world. Education is the main aspect of a country’s growth. It is the basic foundation that every individual needs to have. Lack of this would lead to income inequality which is another major concern.

Indian Education System Essay , Article , Speech [Benefits - Drawbacks]

Current Scenario of Education in India

Indian education is being separated as private and government education, in the ratio 5:7 respectively. The critical aspect about the government education is the poor quality. Government education has failed to provide good quality education. The amount of education received in the government schools is highly insufficient and this is also because of the lack of teachers and no proper check on them especially in the rural areas. Hence, urban areas have 80% and rural areas   59.4% of literacy rate. Public schools have weak infrastructure and inadequate pedagogic attention which is very terrible for the overall development of an individual. Better facilities should be given to students in ­­ academic, sports, cultural, media, arts, music, religious, social, technical and political fields which would help them discover their areas of interest. Government schools lack a lot in these aspects.

On the other hand, the private schools which provide all such facilities are too expensive for the lower class families. Over 37% of the Indian population is living below the poverty line and cannot afford education even at a primary level. India being a country of ethics and beliefs, people are still conservative and apprehend modern education. Thus, the rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer.

Everything comes with its own pros and cons. The modern education system of India has helped a lot in the total escalation of the country. The advancement in technology in the past years has promoted the society in a variety of fields. India has marked an immense development in the economic world. Unemployment rate has fallen to a great extent. The growth of technical institutions has given a numerous opportunities to plentiful Indians which is a good set up. Indians has a strong theoretical knowledge base as the foundation years are spent giving various tests and exams. Teachers make sure that the student learns every concept by heart. Thus, Indians are generally of an elevated intellect.

As mentioned earlier, Indian education system gives a lot of knowledge about the moral code and values through a subject called ‘moral science’. A great emphasis is specified on general knowledge by organizing quizzes and other activities of similar kind. This build ups the overall individuality of a character which is the chief obligation. Focusing mainly on the academic aspect and neglecting the experience is just waste of time. Emphasis should be given on experiencing rather than learning. India is specialized in many unique fields of education like Ayurveda, Sanskrit and Yoga which can only be found as subjects here. These types of courses are admired by the youth of the country and have a lot of benefits on the lives of the students.

Improvement in Indian Education System

Many policies have been introduced by the government to overcome the problems of the Indian education system and it’s a great beginning. The education has come a long way and has still to do a lot come up to the entire world. I would like to conclude by saying that education is the very foundation of a personality and by improving it we are improving the image of the country as well. And the only way to improve education is education itself.

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