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Love Marriage & Arranged Marriage : Essay, Debate, Speech, Article

Love Marriage & Arranged Marriage: Essay, Debate, Speech, Article

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and the decision of marriage is among the most important ones. It is one decision that will determine whether we will be happy or not for the rest of our lives. It is a step that makes the start of a new journey which means the partners have decided to have their generation and they will continue the family just like their parents did.

Love marriage vs. Arranged marriage is always a debated topic. While there are instances of love marriages working out, there are arranged marriages that are successful too. Both have their pros and cons. And it is just the world around us which makes us support or be against love marriage. While most love marriages in India end up becoming a Love cum arranged marriage, it seems to be the best thing that can occur. It is just the kind of marriage we are surrounded by, which makes us have a particular notion about any love or arranged marriage.

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Essay on Love Marriage (Speech on Love Marriage)

Firstly, a love marriage is good in the sense that two people know each other willingly. Love does not happen simply. There is friendship first. Though love, at first sight, is not always right, it also happens to turn out well in some cases. But most love affairs start with friendship. We get interested in somebody, we try to be our best and we discover our likes and dislikes very well. So all these happen in a journey. It takes time. And true love brings many good changes in us as an individual. So all these things make us matured enough to make a decision whether we want to carry on this mutual relationship forever. One thing is positive about love marriage is that at least both partners have equal consent for each other. Marriage is a big decision. There is a society surrounding us. If belonging to conservative families, it is good that since two people love each other very much, they will try to blend into each other’s family for the sake of love. And that compromise is required. Being able to convince parents for supporting a love marriage is the next step after falling in love and dating. Though there are instances of love marriages not working out, those happen when two partners stop understanding each other. In love people already share these things with each other so it is always ensured that they can handle it and that is why they have decided to marry.

Now some love marriages happen beyond the bounds of race, caste, or religion. Such marriages are not a sin as well. Just one has to be sure that any of the partners must not be harmed or suffocated from the ties and customs of the other. After all, it is the partners who have to live with each other. And children have the right to choose their partner. And if they can carry out well, nobody can pinpoint them for moving out of the house too. They should have freedom. Parents are important it’s true. But what about your own happiness? Both are important and so parents must also give their consent to their child’s choices in case the boy or girl seems to be a good person. They must not stick to too many caste and religious stereotypes. If the children are happy, they will do everything for their family and especially their parents willingly.

Essay on Arranged Marriage

Then comes arranged marriage, In India, our previous generation comprising of parents and grandparents mostly had arranged marriages. It is just because in earlier days girls were not allowed to move out and mix too much. They mostly abide by their parents in every decision and they just did not have the mentality of choosing their decisions. Seeing some old couples it feels as if they were not made for each other. Maybe a little self-discovery would have prevented them from living a dissatisfied life. Now times are changing. Studying in coeducational school, women coming to the front in every field, etc. have made them independent. They know about their choices. Parents are no doubt experienced and they will always choose the right groom for the girl. But how many people show their real faces before marriage. Since involving parents, it is more usual that the groom will only show good sides. And of course, we never know even if one of the partners is forcefully put into the marriage against their will and against their existing relationships. So if later on after marriage, they are incompatible and the opposite natures create conflicts then marriages will definitely end with divorce. Though nowadays people take time between engagement and marriage, it is less likely that the partner would dare to back off from the relation before marrying. After so much involvement, they might choose to stay in it but later on, things may not be quite desirable.

Conclusion on Love marriage vs. Arranged marriage Debate

Love or arranged, a successful relationship happens when both partners respect, love, and understand each other. Also, partners must be independent financially. That accounts for a successful relationship. It is just a destiny that accounts for what is in store for us. It is no shame in putting an end to a completely unhappy marriage and starting anew. It will save their future children from getting harassment and also they can choose to be happy.

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