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My Favourite Actor

“With any part you play, there is a certain amount of YOURSELF in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. IT’S LYING.” – Johnny Depp

What is Acting?
The art or occupation of performing fictional roles in plays, films or television is called acting. The actor or actress has the ability to perform a particular character and not just perform but literally living the character for the particular role given to him. Acting has so much to do with stories, emotions, drama, expressions, music and timing. An actor justifies his character on the screen or live and gets appreciated. Acting can only be done if the role has you as a part of it. If you do not involve and indulge into what the role demands then you will not be liked by the audience. There are many actors who don’t look that great but have managed to steal hearts of people through their acting skills, few of them are Irfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manoj Bajpai etc. If you are a good actor then looks are a secondary concern to the audience.
Who is my favourite?
My favourite actor is Ranbir Kapoor, not just because he has got looks to drool for but his acting as well. I love this actor after one movie that doesn’t seem unrealistic but more of real, ‘Wake Up Sid’. I would definitely call that movie his one of the best one. He doesn’t just have female fan followings but males as well, his acting makes you fall for him and not just once but twice, thrice maybe multiple times. He might be taken as one of the actors who is blessed by having acting skills from blood or genes but it’s his hardwork that has made him reach to the peek of success in just few years.
What type of movies he does? All the actors who work in this glamorous field definitely put so much hardwork to it but your success sometimes does depend on the type of choices you make for the selection of movie. Ranbir Kapoor by far has selected some really great movie which are love stories, romantic comedy, motivating and a lil bit of realism in it. The audience specially youth can connect with his movies which is a great deal. He is one of the finest actors in Bollywood and definitely my favourite.

He’s the rising and shining star of Bollywood. The way he delivers the dialogues and the perfect timings are something that every girl would have imagined themselves right there in his arms with a ‘I wish’ sigh on their lips. He is this person on screen whom you call like goals as in someone with whom you want to spend your life with. I don’t know what real life Ranbir is like but the reel life one is definitely a sweetheart and watching him on screen is a treat to me. If I ever get a chance to see him I definitely would have the fangirl moment.There are many great and popular superstars from Amitabh Bachhan to Shahrukh Khan but Ranbir Kapoor is something. He is the blend of perfect looks with amazing acting. If you watch him on screen you get this feeling that this guy must be the nicest in real as well, I don’t know about others but this was something that has always crossed my mind. He is the guy every girl has hots for, maybe.

If someone is your favourite you cannot stop admiring that person I guess and that is what is happening with me but anyhow I love him, this is how I can sum it up.

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